Today must be a good day to launch podcast

I think the 通书 (Chinese Almanacs) must be saying that today is a good day to launch podcast. I woke up this morning and discovered that we have 2 new podcast in Singapore. Wow. That’s great man. More podcast for me to drown the irritating “Door closing TUT TUT TUT TUT TUT TUT” sound while traveling on MRT. (And I hope someone working in SMRT will play that “TUT TUT TUT” sound in their office repeatedly until it pisses their CEO so much that they do something about it)
Shareen and Joe show is a podcast by Shareen Wong and Joe Augustin. (OK, I’m stating the obvious here.) Joe might be the most fired DJ in Singapore. I admit I don’t wake up early enough to catch his morning show. But I met him last Saturday at Blogout 09 and he is one great MC. I guess he must be too good for mainstream radio. So perhaps podcast would be better. Just hope he don’t fire himself this time round.
Another podcast that is launched today is called Genny (pronounced Jenny). It’s about a bunch of Generation Y people in Singapore talking about social media and other stuff that are happening. And they have a strong team consisting of Dorothy, Yin, Yinqi, Daryl Tay and Krisandro . (On a side note, I’m also considered Gen Y. Hee hee)
Check out both podcast soon. Let’s hope there will be more local podcast in the near future. Cheers!
Updates on 12 Mar: The Shareen and Joe show can be downloaded from iTunes now. Search for “Morning Jam”

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