Singapore is an expensive place to live in

OK, we all know that Singapore is an expensive place to live in. But I didn’t know it is THAT expensive. According to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s cost of living survey, Singapore is the 10th most expensive place in the world to live in. (Up from its 15th position last year) WOW. We are just behind Tokyo, Osaka Kobe, Paris, Copenhagen, Oslo, Zurich, Frankfurt, Helsinki and Geneva. (In order of most expensive country first) As a consolation, Hong Kong is ranked 11th, just one place behind us.
And I always always always thought that America is a more expensive place to stay in compared to Singapore. I was wrong. In fact, they are far behind in the chart compared to us. New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are joint in 23rd.
I’m wondering, are we also the 10th most well paid country in the world? If no, then we are in deep shit. (I know our Ministers are the most well paid in the entire world, but what about the citizens?)
Although I couldn’t find the ranking for Johor Baru, I found that Kuala Lumpur ranked 90 in the world. No wonder our “Beloved” Health Minister told us to send our parents to nursing home across the causeway. Even Miss Loi needs to cross the causeway with her LV bag to buy sweets for her students.
PS: Can I have some Fizzy Kola? 😀


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