HP Mini 1000 vs Lenovo S10

This is a long overdue blog entry. I got the HP Mini 1000 and Lenovo S10 quite some time back and put both machine side by side for a comparison.
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Size and form factor
The HP Mini 1000 is 26.16cm x 16.66cm x 2.513cm and weighs 1.08 kg.
The Lenovo S10 is 25cm x 18.3cm x 2.75cm and weighs 1.25kg.

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Both devices looks small and are pretty handy to carry around. You can hardly feel the difference in weight since it’s just 170. So in terms of size and form factor, its a tie between HP Mini 1000 and Lenovo S10.
The HP mini 1000 comes in black (and Red for the Vivienne Tam Edition) and has beautiful printed design on the casing. The casing is glossy which makes the device look like an expensive device. The edges are curved to make it look thinner.
The Lenovo S10 comes in 5 different colours, Black, White, Red, Blue and Pink. There is no fanciful design printed on the casing nor curved edges. Just a very standard looking, no nonsense netbook.
I would say that the HP Mini 1000 wins the Lenovo S10 in the looks section hands down. Although the Lenovo S10 give users a choice of 5 colours, its still unable to beat the HP mini 1000 in terms of looks.
The HP Mini 1000 comes with 2 USB slot, an ethernet port, a SD card reader, a combo headphone/mic plug and a proprietary port for VGA. Yes, there is an ethernet port on the HP Mini 1000. It is on the left side of the machine, covered with a rubber stopper. While it is great that the HP Mini 1000 attempts to cover the ugliest port in the machine, I don’t like the idea of a proprietary port for VGA. And the cable for VGA isn’t included in the standard package. Even if it is, I wouldn’t want to carry an additional cable for VGA connection.
The Lenovo S10 2 USB ports, a Ethernet port, a VGA port, SD and MS card reader, a headphone plug, a mic plug and Express Card slot. Which is rather amazing that they can fit all those ports into a small machine. I don’t think there is another netbook in the market that comes with an Express Card Slot. This slot can be useful for 3G modem or SSD Harddisk.
So in terms of connectivity, the Lenovo S10 wins the HP Mini 1000 hands down.
The keyboard on the HP Mini 1000 is so far the best netbook keyboard I’ve ever seen. The 92% keyboard makes typing very easy and comfortable.
The Lenovo S10’s keyboard is 85% the normal size. It takes a little longer to get used to the Lenovo S10 keyboard. But once you are used to the keyboard, everything is fine.
The HP Mini 1000’s keyboard is a sure winner. It’s more comfortable to type with the large buttons.
Additional features
Here is a tricky part. I flip the HP Mini 1000 up down left right and didn’t find any additional features. Its a standard netbook with standard netbook capabilities.
The Lenovo S10 on the other hand comes with a additional features that I personally feel all netbook should have. One touch restore button. If you mess up anything on your netbook, just press that button and it will restore your netbook to factory default. Cool huh? Oh, there is also a multi touch touchpad and power management on the Lenovo S10.
So the Lenovo S10 wins in terms of additional features.
So here is the part where I’ll tell you the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything like which netbook is better. (And you don’t need to wait 7 1/2 million years for the answer) The answer is…… I don’t know. **Boo!! Throw rotten tomatoes**
Wait, let me explain. Both netbooks are pretty much equally matched. Both have their pros and cons. There isn’t any critical flaws that would make me recommend one over the other. If you notice on plurk, I’ve been recommending both netbook to those who wants to buy netbook. (And I’m not trying to be politically correct here)
The answer to which netbook is better depends on the user.
If you want good looking netbook and comfortable keyboard, go for HP Mini 1000.
If you want connectivity and additional features like one touch restore, Lenovo S10 is the one for you.
Note: A netbook (Trademark dispute still pending) is a lightweight, ultra-portable and inexpensive device targeted at cloud computing users who rely on servers and require a less powerful machine. Do not expect it to run high CPU usage program smoothly. (Although I know someone who tried running Adobe Photoshop on it without problems.)


  1. Sateesh: Yes, there is WIFI and bluetooth for both HP Mini & Lenovo S10.
    Both HP Mini 1000 and Lenovo S10 can take max 2gb RAM.

  2. i like the Mini 1000 looks but the HDD space is too small (at 60GB). I prefer the S10 HDD of 160GB but the looks is a bit nerdy. My conclusion?
    I will go for a MSI Wind U100 ๐Ÿ˜› *throw rotten tomatoes and eggs*
    tiger4โ€™s last blog post..We Had It Coming.

  3. Tiger4: I haven’t got the chance to review the MSI Wind U100. So I can’t comment much on it.
    As for the harddisk size, I think the idea of the netbook is for all your files to be hosted on the internet (aka cloud). So harddisk size isn’t taken into consideration for me. It’s good to have, but alright if don’t have. ๐Ÿ™‚
    **Dodge rotten tomatoes and eggs**

  4. @dk: you are right, but for people like me who prefer to have all my files with me (you never know when u may need them). The bigger the HDD, the merrier.
    btw, the rotten tomatoes and eggs are meant to throw at me. hehe
    tiger4โ€™s last blog post..We Had It Coming.

  5. Hi, has anyone used or tried the Axioo mini notebook before? Any comment for this notebook beside the mini HP and Lenovo notebook? Thanks

  6. Hello: Nope. Do you have the model number? Maybe I can check out the spec and see what’s the pros and cons. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I had the acer aspire and, I will admit it was nice to have 160gb but only 1gb ram, I went ahead and sold it and got me an Hp 1000…it was super cheap to upgrade to 2gb ram and the keyboard is sooo much better!
    To me the HP 1000 is the winner, I did use the Lenovo and didnt like them as much as the HP…
    Only thing is: I got the SSID16gb version and installed Win7, the 4gb expansion and a 16 gb sd card, that makes it 36gb right there and planing to install 4g wimax clear usb so i can have it everywhere!!! I have a free acount at Adrive with 50gb for free! Its a netbook people! we are conected to the internet, is not a big deal to upload the content to a place and be able to share it with anyone else!

  8. the design of the MSI Wind is similar to the basic netbooks you can find around. the price point of this netbook is cheaper than acer or dell netbooks ,

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