Dear PM Lee

Dear PM Lee
Thank you for coming to my small neighbourhood yesterday morning. It’s been a long time since anyone important came to my neighbourhood. You see, during last election, my GRC has a walkover. So all the important people decided to go to those places with elections to shake hand with those people there and we are totally left out. Even my MP decided to champaign at other GRC and was never seen at my neighbourhood during the election period. I guess we are not important since we can’t vote. My MP do come to our neighbourhood every once in a while after the election. I knew he is coming when the cleaners start cleaning our block outside the cleaning schedules. But his work load has been increased since one of the MP in our GRC passed away and he is taking over part of the work load. They are too busy to even have a by-election. So I’m glad that you visited my neighbourhood yesterday morning.
Sorry for not going down to greet you personally. I didn’t overslept. The loud noise from the carnival to welcome you woke me up in the early Sunday morning. But I need more rest. It’s 8am on a Sunday Morning. Who wakes up at this unearthly hour? So I closed my window and use the blanket to cover my head in an attempt to drown out the loud noise on an early Sunday morning to get more rest. I hope you won’t mind that I didn’t welcome you to my neighbourhood personally. Next time if you come to my neighbourhood at more “friendly” hours, I promise I’ll go over and shake hand with you.
But really, thank you for visiting my neighbourhood. You see, I’ve been living here for 25 years and I’ve never seen my neighbourhood in such a clean state. I was walking pass the market the night before your visit and the workers are still busy cleaning the market at late hours. The whole neighbourhood looks brand new, like a new constructed new town. I believe your impending visit must have inspired the cleaners to work extra hard. I wish you come to my neighbourhood more frequently. Your leadership skills really motivated the town council staff to work harder than ever.
Oh, and its a coincident that they planted several new plants next to the community center a few days before your visit. The new plants looks beautiful and are great additions to the neighbourhood. I hope you visit us more often so that we might coincidentally have more new stuff added to my neighbourhood.
Thank you PM Lee for visiting my neighbourhood. Your visit really improved my neighbourhood a lot. I wish you will visit my neighbourhood again soon.
From a resident of Jurong GRC


  1. Extremely similar to what some organization does. I question the need and someone senior explain to me that, these pple are busy, so it’s a rare chance for them to visit. So of coz must make it worth while and show them the best.
    So my reply was, isn’t tat wayang? And the senior face red. (Angry)
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  2. Isn’t that what they already always do in the army? When a super-high ranking fella comes for a visit, everything becomes so prim and proper. After that, it’s same-old same-old.
    Speaking of which, the new grass they laid out in my house downstairs for the PM’s visit sometime back has been trampled over and ignored for centuries.
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  3. lol, it happened to my area too.
    when some VIPs visit, the whole place will be “renovated” concrete gaps filled, drain covers changed, and even a handicap lane was constructed a day before the visit.

  4. Brennan: Don’t get me started on the army part. That one even the town council also lose.
    Arron Peng: Yeah, I also wish he comes my neighbourhood often.
    Yongwei92: Yeah man. Don’t you love it when they come for a visit? 🙂

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