All your Pod belongs to Apple

I think this blog entry should be file under “stupid trademark and patent claims”.
The makers of Podium iPhone stand claims that they received a Cease and Desist order from Apple legal team.

Flypod and Podium consist in substantial part of the dominant suffix of Apple’s iPod mark and incorporate Apple’s Pod mark in their entirety. In light of the nature of Procreate Inc.’s goods, there can be little doubt that Apple’s iPod mark is known to your client and that the “Pod” component of Procreate’s marks is a direct reference to the iPod mark.

In short, you cannot name your product with the word “pod” as it will infringe Apple’s trademark. But Apple’s legal team seems to have forgotten that “Podium” is actually a word that can be found in the dictionary.
If this lawsuit goes ahead and the judge rules Apple in favor, then we might need to think of a new name for some stuff like Tripod and EscapePod
Apple also claims that the Pivotal Podium shares the “styling” of the iMac’s base support. I do agree with that, but I’m sure it won’t confuse consumers to think that this is from Apple.
Actually, the Podium looks quite beautiful. I might have bought it if not for that hefty price tag.


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