Marriage Central's mass balloon release: So who is speaking the truth?

Here is some contradicting information regarding Marriage Central‘s mass balloon release at their Real Love Works event held at Marina Barrage last Saturday.
victorliu, one of the commenter at ST Discussion forum claims that he wrote to the organisers to warn them about the environment impact but the organisers choose to turn a deaf ear.
Anita Fam, the chairperson of the Marriage Central Advisory Board, commented (twice) on my blog saying that it did not occur to them that the mass balloon release will impact the environment.
I wrote an email to Anita informing her that someone by the nick victorliu claims that he had warn Marriage Central about the environment impact but was ignored. Anita replied saying that they have event organisers for the Real Love Works and she is not sure of the fine details involved. I tried asking for the contact details for the event organisers so that I can verify if victorliu emailed them but the request was rejected by Anita.
So who is speaking the truth here? Was Marriage Central and their event organisers warned about the environment impact of mass balloon release a week before the event? Or was it a false claim made by victorliu?
If you have any information on how I can get in touch with victorliu or Marriage Central’s event organisers for Real Love Works, please kindly drop me a email or comment. Thank you.


  1. I trust victorliu.
    I’m asking my friends to boycott Marriage Central and all their activities. You should too. Their inconsiderate act should be punished unless they issue a public apology.

  2. A very well crafted response from Marriage Central Advisory Board.
    “To be honest, this issue did not occur to us when the planning of this event was first initiated….”
    We don’t know if anyone warn them about it after their initial planning.

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