A day in DK’s life – 26 March 2009

This is one of those “special” days with many events happening. In fact, I have to reject some of them due to timing crash.
1030am: Finally woke up. The Snooze button is the most evil invention in this world.
1115am: Left home for Supper Club. (For lunch event)
12pm: Reach Supper Club for HP DV2 launch. I’m pretty impressed with the pricing of the DV2.
2pm: Went RC2 with Nadnut to do some work cum blogging. Met RN1209 there. RC2 is really a popular hangout spot.
6pm: Went grab a light bite.
7pm: Went for another event by Fujitsu with Daniel. We had a tour around their Customer Service Center. Cool place.
815pm: Left Fujitsu Customer Care Centre. Went to RC2 (again) with Daniel to record an episode Gear65 for Sony VAIO P.
9pm: Went over to Ink Club Bar for HBO’s preview of True Blood. Looks like an interesting show. Too bad I don’t have Cinemax MAX at home.
1130pm: Left Ink Club Bar and head home. Been a long day out. It’s an eventful day. Will blog more about the individual event soon. (I just need to stop pressing the snooze button)

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