Norton Summit

**Super delayed post**
Nicole and I was invited to attend the Norton Summit which was held at Equniox, one of the highest restaurant in Singapore.
The Norton Summit isn’t a media event. Its a seminar where Norton talks about their latest products, get feedback on how they can do better and find out what the customers really want. The interesting thing is that not all present are Norton customers. I’ve no idea how they go about selecting the invite list, but if I’m not wrong, they are members of the Norton Inner Circle. The Norton Inner Circle is a community of tech savvy geeks experts.
The product that caught my attention that night was obviously the Norton 360 V3.0, which we get a sneak peak at it before it was launched on the next day. The norton 360 is an all in one security for your PC. It has anti virus, backup, anti spyware, firewall, tuneup and many more. Which more or less cover 360 degree of everything you need to protect your PC or laptop.
Another thing that got me interested is the Norton Safe Web. If you have Norton 360 installed, Norton Site Safe will put an icon next to your search engine results. (If you don’t have Norton 360, you can go to Norton Safe Web and check the rating of the website manually) There are four colours – green for safe, yellow for risky, red for unsafe and grey for unknown. Norton analyzed the website and give it a rating. The community can also contribute by giving their comment on the website.
It was a great session with lots of feedbacks from the attendees. It’s nice to see companies engaging the consumers in such manner. I’m sure Norton will make full use of the feedback from the folks in the Norton Inner Circle and give us more outstanding products.
Many thanks to Mabel from Text100 and Symantec for the invite.
PS: I got a few free software from Symantec. Haven’t got the chance to use it yet. Oops. I’ll try to install them soon to test it out.

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