I felt quite disgusted when I saw the newspaper article about the launch of Earth Hour in Singapore.
Can someone tell me why is there a need to release 60 balloons into the air to “signify” the launch of earth hour in Singapore? Yes, I understand that these are biodegradable balloons. But do you know how long it takes to bio-degrade? 1 week? 1 month? 6 month? And while it is bio-degrading, it is considered a pollution? What if the balloon end up in the sea and some marine life mistook it as their prey and eat it? There are known case where infant sperm whales and marine turtles died as a result of swallowing balloons. Some of them are near extinction. It doesn’t matter if the balloons are biodegradable or not. The damages are the same.
I’m not making these up. Look here and here.
It is an irony that the managing director of WWF Singapore is one of the person releasing those balloons into the air. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. SERIOUSLY?
Earth Hour is for a good cause, to generate awareness to the effect of global warming. But while promoting the event, please take note of other environmental issues. The release of balloons is totally unnecessary. I hope Earth Hour Singapore will stop this practice in the future. Come on, surely there are other ways to signify the launch of Earth Hour without harming the environment.
Don’t misunderstand me. I support the Earth Hour. Just that I don’t support the way that they launch the event in Singapore. I hope the organizers will be mindful of the environmental impact when promoting and conducting the event. No point stopping global warming but in the process create another environmental issue.
Earth hour is on 28 March 2009, 8:30pm. Remember to turn off your lights.

Wanted to do work tonight, but some events triggered a lot of emotions until I just simply couldn’t concentrate on the things which I’m supposed to do. Don’t want to go about saying what exactly happened. Just that some things should be kept buried and never dug up. But the stupid me choose to dig it out.
It’s hard to describe the feelings now. Wanted to find a song that suit my current mood but couldn’t. I doubt anyone write a song to describe such complicated feelings/mood. Interestingly, Youtube recommended this song to me. Didn’t really match my current mood, but I guess it is somewhere there.

人不在 就让这首歌在 回忆也还在 谢谢你的爱

張震嶽 & MC HOTDOG & 侯佩岑 – 就让这首歌

就让这首歌 今夜一直重复
我们都没错 只是看清楚 原来不懂的事
没有什么好说 现在先不要说
就让我们沉默 最后的拥抱 爱情的终点
回忆一触即发 如何忍住眼泪
不让它哭得唏哩哗啦 触景生情这样好吗
不怪现在 只怪当初
谁辜负了 谁 糊涂
清醒了没 越是买醉 却不醉
绕了一圈 却越想念谁
吃定了谁 电影散场了没
又怎么会虎头蛇尾 看你哭红又肿了双眼
一把眼泪 一把鼻涕 从喜剧变成默剧
怎么继续 只好放着这首歌它一直Repeat
曾经你是我的瘾 我们爱这么过瘾
就像生命共同体 如今却只能谢谢这回忆
电影散场之后 你是否留下什么
一切不能再从头 那感伤的话别说
这决定并不轻松 夜深人静 心回头
有首歌 它一直Repeat Repeat 是为了什么
是分手的时候 就让我们自由
回忆一幕幕 就像一场电影
电影终要结束 结束难免痛苦
就让这首歌 萦绕在耳边
我尝试 刻画着每一字
这首歌要播几次 有太多的舍不得事
歌词像针在刺 旋律让眼眶湿
曾几何时 开始静止 打不开的画匣子
从你哝我哝的梦 到现在你懂我懂的沉默
所有的痛 就让时间来破
电影散场之后 就在那回首处 你别走回头路
少了片的拼图 怎么拼得出那版图
有没有那么一首歌 会让你很想念
有没有那么一首歌 你会假装听不见
听了又掉眼泪 却按不下停止键
多少个夜 就这样开着灯 到另一个夜
我们之间有多少故事在 这首歌的里面
人不在 就让这首歌在 回忆也还在 谢谢你的爱
就让这一首歌 今夜一直重复
我们都没错 只是看清楚 原来不懂的事
哦 没有什么好说 现在先不要说
最后的拥抱 爱情的终点
是分手的时候 就让我们自由
回忆一幕幕 就像一场电影
电影终要结束 结束难免痛苦
就让这首歌 萦绕在耳边

I should be reading more books to improve myself. But the only thing I read lately are things that are online. OK, I know this is bad habit. I should go back to reading more books again. Got several books on the shelf waiting for me to read.
Anyway, one of my favorite book is “Rich Dad’s Before You Quit Your Job” by Robert Kiyosaki. And yes, I read that book before I quit my previous job. It is a very good read and I would suggest it to everybody, even if you don’t have the intention to quit your current job and start your own business.
One of the most important thing that I’ve learn from that book is the The Cashflow Quadrant. Basically, there are 4 groups of people:
E: Employee — Working for someone else.
S: Small business owner — Where a person owns his own job and is his own boss.
B: Business owner — Where a person owns a “system” of making money, rather than a job to make money.
I: Investor — Spending money in order to receive a larger payout in.
I will not say too much about the 4 groups here. You should read Robert Kiyosaki’s book to learn more about it. (There is another book called “Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom” which I also highly recommend) But in summary, the gold mine is at the ‘B’ and the ‘I’. That is where you should aim if you want to get rich and retire early.
Here is the problem: most Singapore entrepreneur, including myself, belongs to the ‘S’ group instead of the ‘B’ group where we should strive to be. We own our job. We are our business. Remove ourselves from the company and it can’t operate.
There is a need for startup to change. It’s hard for a startup to move from ‘S’ to ‘B’. But it is a step that all entrepreneur must try or risk closing down. A company shouldn’t be too dependent on a single person. It should be able to operate with or without the person. If the person is not there, another person should be able to take up the role with ease and operate as per normal. Just like Starbucks, where you can change the barista anytime and the coffee still taste the same. (Or at least almost the same)
Make your business a Starfish. A company which you can cut off the arm and it will regenerate and function like normal.

I remembered that I needed to convert a PDF file to word document sometime back but couldn’t because there isn’t any freeware out there. All the applications that does that cost money.
Saw this PDF Converter on Giveaway of the Day, seems not bad. Tested it with couple of PDF files, results quite good. Most importantly, it’s free for today. Download it and keep on your PC. You never know when you’ll need to convert a PDF file to Word.
Oh, there is only 12 hours left. Cut off time is 3 March, 4pm Singapore time.
After that, you’ll need to pay $59.95.
NOTE: You need to install the application on your PC before the cutoff time. The installation software will check the time with the Giveaway of the day server before allowing you to install.