The Aware EOGM venue has been changed from the Expo to Suntec city hall 402. The police steps in this time to prevent the EOGM to be held in Expo because there is a large Christian conference at Expo that day.
So this coming Saturday, don’t go to the wrong place. It’s at Suntec City Hall 402. Registration starts at 12noon. EOGM starts at 2pm.

Update: Found a great article on facebook. Please read this before going for the EOGM this Saturday.

Sometimes I feel that my life is like a book with several chapters. There is a chapter for Poly days, a chapter for army days. A chapter for my first job and another chapter for BLOG2u.
It’s been a huge eyeopener while working at BLOG2u. Its not easy being an entrepreneur. My position is a COO, but in actual fact, I would prefer to call it BSBH (Bao Sua Bao Hai). Which literally mean cover mountain, cover ocean. You become the person for operation, sales, public relations, marketing, human resource and many more. But I’m enjoying the learning experience. That’s something that every entrepreneur will have to go thru. But its fun and and something that you won’t get to see unless you dig a hole and jump in like what I did. In fact, I’ve learnt more things in this 1 year plus than my five years in my first job. (Which shouldn’t be a surprise) I’m glad I took up the challenge 1 year plus ago.
But like every chapter in life, there is a time where the chapter has to come to an end. I’ve decided to move on to the next chapter in life. All my shares has been sold to Paddy and I’ll be leaving BLOG2u. Thank you everyone for your support over the past one year plus. It’s my pleasure working with everyone of you.
Time for the next chapter.
PS: We have a internal rules where all our staff are not allowed to take up advertisement from BLOG2u so that we can be fair to all our bloggers. Which explains why I never post any advertisement from BLOG2u on my blog. But now that I’m not in BLOG2u anymore, that means I can accept advertisements from BLOG2u finally. Woohoo! I’ll go register my blog now.

Nokia, together with Singtel, will deliver Nokia Messaging to the Nokia E63 with a special data plans. Singtel is the first operator in Asia and among the first in the world to launch this service on 4 April 2009. The other 2 operator will be launching their own Nokia Messaging service soon.
I have a sneak peak at how Nokia comes with email Nokia Messaging works last week. OK, I didn’t really see how it work. Everything is in the backend and the front end is like any other mobile email. Except the email is pushed to you just like what BlackBerry does. Setup is very easy. If you are using popular client like Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail (and other not so popular email solution), all you need to do is enter your email address and password. Personal or corporate email account might require a little more setting but they are quite idiot proof.
SingTel’s MobileM@il plus plan comes with a bundle of 10 MB data. SingTel subscribers who purchase Nokia E63 can get MobileM@il Plus data plan with Nokia Messaging at $5.35 per month (for 2 years). Usual subscription price is $17.86.
Personally, I think that most consumers don’t really need push emails. For consumers, they don’t need to receive email within a few second after someone click the send button. Unless they are running their own business or need to monitor office email on their personal phone. But its always good to know that if the average consumers need push email, they have more options now. Nokia phones are generally more consumer friendly.
On a side note, I got to try out the new Nokia E75 briefly. Looks good with the scroll out Qwerty keyboard.
Many thanks to Liyi from Text100 and Nokia for the sneak peek at Nokia Messaging. (PS: I discovered that Nokia Malaysia also had an event on the Nokia Messaging on the same night. What a coincident.)

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with all these people. Study so much yet can’t think properly. They think they are doing a good job. They think they are pushing their Anti-LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) ideology the right way. They think their takeover of Aware is right and will go unchallenged. Boy are they very the wrong.
Firstly, the old Aware isn’t Pro-LGBT. So why is there a need to takeover them? And that bunch of woman took over Aware like an invasion, thinking people will sit down there let them do whatever they like? Wake up girls. And after taking over the place, they all create a hell of a mess by sacking people, changing locks and allow burly man inside the centre. Hello, that is a woman counselling centre, use your brain a little can? You do until like that, how to gain supporters for your clause?
And by pushing their Anti-LGBT ideology, they made many pro-LGBT people join Aware.
If the new guards don’t get overthrown this Saturday, Aware will go down as a Christian Fundamentalist group that is Anti-LGBT and lose all its creditability. The old guards can always setup another association and continue their work. The people will support the old Aware members where ever they go.
If the new guards gets overthrown, we might have another problem. Ever since the call for vote of no confidence, lots of Pro-LGBT people has joined Aware. When the new guards is out, Aware will have a huge group of Pro-LGBT members. Will they use this opportunity to drive Aware towards a Pro-LGBT direction? I hope not. But if that happens, we only got 1 group of people to blame: The Christian Fundamentalist who overthrow the old guard and created this mess.
Like I said previously, everything is peaceful until that bunch of woman come and create trouble. I”m not anti or pro LGBT. But I just can’t stand the way this group of people do things.