April Fools!!!!

You know that you should take most major announcement today with a pinch of salt. It’s 1st April and everyone is cracking April Fools jokes. And if you have a major announcement to make, it is best to make it on 31 March or 2 April. 1st April isn’t exactly the best day for any major announcement, UNLESS your intention is to trick people to thinking that it is a fake. Like I always said, the best April Fools joke is to say something real to make people think that it is fake. For example, Google launches Gmail on 1st April 2004 and everyone thinks that its one of their April Fools joke. Most free webmail services were offering 2mb to 4mb of storage back then and google was giving out 1gb. Well, we all know that Gmail is not an April Fools joke and everyone loves it now.
Actually I was kinda surprised that my Tech65 April Fools joke managed to catch a few people. I thought that it is pretty obvious. Firstly, everyone knows that Tech65 is purely for passion and we don’t accept any cash for good review. Sorry to those people who are writing cheque to us. That was an April Fools joke.
And we are not losing any money too since we pay for our own coffee (and sometimes breakfast) every week during recording.
I thought my blog entry pretty obvious already since I also talk about Tech65 getting a CEO and building a 65 level high building at the new Marina Bay financial centre. Where got so much money? Then I talk about starting a podcast call Tech69. If you still believe in me at that point, I must really thank you for that huge amount of trust you have in me.
So guys and gals, that blog entry about me resigning from Tech65 is an April Fools joke. Everything there is fake. Everything except Geek Terminal has the best coffee in Singapore. Now that is a real fact.
PS: Still got 11 hours left till end of April Fools. (If you are in Singapore) If you haven’t crack any April Fools joke, time to get started. Hey, its April fools. Relax a little and have a few jokes. 🙂


  1. Ezprezzo: That 1 also April Fools. The ONLY thing that is true in that blog entry is that Geek Terminal has the best coffee in Singapore.

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