April Fools Again!!!

In case you haven’t notice, the product review on Palm III is another April Fools joke. Palm III, for the uninitiated, was already launched back in 1998. Palm has stopped releasing PDA since Palm TX (which I was still using until late last year when I switched over to iPhone)
Well, most of the things that I’ve said on that review is true, provided that I posted it 11 years ago. (OK, it’s impossible to compare it with an iPhone back then) The Palm III is indeed an amazing device 11 years ago. I didn’t cook up any of the features. Those are really the features on the Palm III. The specs are real too. But if you look at the specs and some of the features now, you can’t help but laugh at it. In fact, I’m pretty sure the specs of the current iPhone or Palm Pre will look pretty funny 10 years later.
And in case you are wondering, that Palm III belongs to me and it is indeed still working. (Except there is 1 dead line on the screen) It’s been fun taking it out from the cardboard and playing with it while I was taking photos of it at Starbucks. I swear there are some people looking at me and wondering what device is that. Oh, and I also discovered that my Graffiti 1 skill has gone down the drain. Been using too much Graffiti 2 until I forgotten some of the keystroke for Graffiti 1.
The thing I miss the most about Palm is the Palm Beaming to exchange contact. Yes, we do exchange contacts in this manner during PBG when Palm is still more popular than Windows Mobile (They call it Windows CE if I remember correctly) It’s really fun to see 2 people exchanging contacts in such manner. Well, nowadays most Smart Phones don’t come with an IR port.
So this is my little April Fools joke for 2009. Not intended to fool anyone. Just for a few good laughs and a tribute to one of the greatest mobile device that inspired a lot of devices that we are holding on to now.
PS: Its funny that some of you guess that I’ve received the review unit for Palm Pre. You guys got 1/2 right. It was from Palm, but its a Palm III. It would be great if I get my hands on a Palm Pre review unit. That will be a dream come true for me. 🙂

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