Obama jokes about Special Olympic

Obama was on Jay Leno’s The Tonight Show recently to talk about the bailout and things that has been happening during his past 59 days of presidency.
Then he accidentally crossed the line and cracked a “some what distasteful joke”.

While joking on The Tonight Show about his bowling prowess (during last year’s campaign trail he shamefully scored 37 in a game), Obama said he’d been practicing at the White House.
He told Leno that he bowled 129 in the White House bowling alley and said his bowling skills are “like Special Olympics or something.”
The comment during the taping of the show prompted Obama to pick up the phone on Air Force One and call Special Olympics Chairman Timothy Shriver to preemptively apologize for the remark before it hit television screens. He also reportedly invited Special Olympic athletes to Pennsylvania Avenue to hit the lanes and give him tips or shoot some hoops.
The president “expressed his heartfelt and sincere commitment to work with our athletes and make this country a more accepting place for people with special needs,” Lum, the organization’s president, said.

I really respect Obama. Yes, it is indeed a bad joke. But everyone makes mistakes and the President of United States is no exception. But the most important thing is that you admit your mistakes and apologise for it. Which he did promptly when he realised his mistake. (Or maybe his aides spotted it). It’s also nice to see him make up for his mistakes by inviting the Special Olympic athletes to the white house. Hopefully he can use this chance to help them change the public impression.
Salute to Obama. I hope this incident will not overshadow the great things that he is doing at the white house.

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