One in three Singaporeans don't wash their hands after using the toilet

OK, this is a scary survey finding. One in three Singaporeans don’t wash their hands after using the toilet. Even if they do, 40 per cent of Singaporeans do not wash their hands with soap. 30 per cent of those surveyed do not wash their hands before meals. Half of those surveyed say they do not wash their hands after eating. The survey shows that Singaporeans are not washing their hands adequately.
EEEEEeeeee……. I’m not going to shake hands with people anymore. One in three of them don’t wash their hands leh!!!! Wah ciao! Wait, did YOU wash your hands just now after using the restroom?
Let me say first, I always wash my hands after using the restroom. Without fail. And even when I’m outfield during my reservist, I’ll try use my water bottle to wash my hands after using the outdoor open air toilet (Which is usually some trees or bushes at a corner). Unless I running out of water in my water bottle and I’m far away from the next refilling point. But such cases are rather rare.
The number is pretty alarming. 1 in 3 leh. That’s a lot. And when I’m in the restroom, I seldom see people walk out without washing their hands. Yes, there are some that don’t wash their hands, but I don’t think that it’s 1 in 3. That’s quite an unbelievable number. If the number is 1 in 10 or something bigger, maybe I’ll believe. But 1 in 3? Something is not quite right here.
Oh, wait….. the survey is commissioned by Unilever, the manufacturer of Lifebouy soap. Hmmmm…. Now the findings feels a little fishy here. So what is the demographic of the people surveyed? How many people took part in the survey? Really 1 in 3 didn’t wash their hands? I wonder if I can get a detailed report of the survey and how it was being conducted. Something doesn’t feels right here.
Let’s do a quick check using the comment box: Do you wash your hands after using the restroom? (You can remain anonymous if you want)


  1. OK, now we have 3 Singaporeans who washes their hands after using the restroom. If the survey is accurate, we should be seeing someone who doesn’t wash his/her hands after using the restroom soon.
    Right? 😀

  2. Yes, of course. Would be interesting if the full survey results are available, particularly demographic of those surveyed.
    Btw, I just found out my fave kopi auntie doesn’t wash her hands after using the toilet. 🙁

  3. Ridz: 1 in 3 don’t dry their hands after washing is very likely. But 1 in 3 don’t wash their hands seems unbelievable.
    ssumin: So does the kopi taste EXTRA good? 😛

  4. I think the survey is flawed.
    “One in three Singaporeans don’t wash their hands after using the toilet. Even if they do, 40 per cent of Singaporeans do not wash their hands with soap.” – First part unbelievable. Second maybe.
    I wash my hands without fail, but some places when I press for soap nothing comes out – that’s when I waste more water.
    So yeah, if that counts as not washing with soap, then it’s believable otherwise, “yeah right.”
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  5. Who would dare comment here they don’t wash their hands? Haha. No one would dare shake their hands at the next Tweet Tues or SMB! Maybe some of the 1 in 3 have commented that they do actually only SOMETIMES do … c’mon – ‘fess up! 🙂
    So…. of course i do! ;P
    Seriously – I DO lah.
    Not sure if anyone believes me now.

  6. I always wash my hands after using the toilet. Don’t know how some people can walk out the toilet without washing their hands.

  7. I totally believe the survey numbers even if it was commissioned by Unilever. I’ve seen it so many times when I myself visit the toilet. I believe the biggest group of non-washers is the older generation /flame-on/. I know this is a problem even in my home with my in-laws. /snip, snip/ Article from My Paper stuck on refrigerator.
    I wash and I’ll even go to the extent of trying not to open the door on the way out. Just think your hands got dirty again from all those non-washers opening the door with their filthy hands…eeww! Makes me wish SG would follow North American standards and have doors swing out. Even for doors leading to buildings, malls, etc. They all swing out…but that’s another story.
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  8. JamCanSing: I know there are people who don’t wash their hands after using the restroom. I’ve seen some before. But there aren’t so many. 1 in 3 is really a lot.

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