True Blood

I was invited to the Bloggers preview of True Blood by the kind folks at HBO.
Couldn’t make it for the event initially because I have another event to attend. But in the end, we figured that being late is better than not being there. I reached Ink Club Bar at around 9pm and they already started the movie screening (For I think 15 minutes?) But I was still able to catch up with the story line (With some help from Nadnut)
So in the not so distant future, the vampires are allowed to walk freely with human (at night) thanks to the invention of a synthetic blood with allows them to stop sucking blood from humans. OK, sounds interesting, but I still don’t look forward to such future. Anyway, the story begins at a small town where the leading actress, Sookie, is working as a waitress. And that’s where she met a 173 year old vampire and both of them are immediately drawn to each other.
Ah, Vampire love story. I think I know why girls likes vampire love stories so much. Because in the movies, they always get very good looking guys to be a vampire and they are always very gentlemanly towards the lead actress, always the one to save them from other vampires. And they speak in a very “seductive” tone.
It’s a pretty interesting series. Got good looking vampire, pretty girls, interesting plot and some humorous moments. (Oh, I think the Grandma is damn cool lor)
True Blood premieres on 9 April, 9pm on MAX (Channel 59).
Thanks to Karen and Yin Qi for the invite.


  1. Haha DK. your comment about their “seductive” voice made me laugh!! Not really lah, it just sounds seductive cos of his accent. heh heh.
    Anyway we are also very thankful that you rushed down after your event cos we know that must have been tiring! Hope you had fun during that short while! Oh and yes I likey the grandma too. 🙂

  2. Yinqi: It is accent? Haha. But if you notice, all vampire speaks like that in movies/drama.
    Thanks for inviting me. 🙂

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