Dee Kay Dot As Gee Mobile Edition

Its funny that as an iPhone user, I didn’t install any mobile theme plugin on my blog until recently. I’ve actually thought of installing a mobile theme quite some time ago, but I couldn’t find one that is suitable until recently. Most of the mobile theme plugin that I found online lack one important feature, that is the ability to view the blog as per normal. Mobile theme is good, but sometimes, you just want to see the blog in its original flavor.
Well, I finally found a mobile theme plugin that allows you to switch back to normal view.
WPtouch by Brave New Code. Works for iPhone, iPod Touch and even Android. Install it like how you normally install your plugin. It even allows you to customise it. You can even edit the theme. Cool.
Check out Dee Kay Dot As Gee Mobile Edition if you have a iPhone, iPod Touch or Android.


  1. motd: No harm installing. Easier for iPhone to view your site.
    I did a little changes to the theme to make the calendar look nicer. 🙂 You can also customise the CSS yourself. Pretty good plugin I must say.

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