Save AWARE! Gender equality for all!

I will not write too much about the Aware Saga because all that need to be said has already been said by many bloggers and forumers.
Let me say first that I’m not pro-LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender). But neither am I anti-LGBT. I believe that everyone has their own freedom and choice. I believe that Aware is also neutral when it comes to LGBT. They don’t discriminate anyone based on their sexual orientation. And I applaud the old team for their stand. Nobody should be discriminated in any way.
It really stinks like hell when a group of Christian Fundamentalist make use of the loophole in the constitution to takeover Aware and use it to push their Anti-LGBT ideology. You bunch of people should be ashamed of yourself. Stop disrupting the peace in Singapore by shoving your ideology into our ass. This is a multi-racial and multi-religion society. Everyone should have their freedom and choice.
If you believe that every Singaporean has their freedom and choice, please help sign this petition. I’ve already signed it.
If you are female Singaporean and want to do more, sign up as a Aware member and attend the EGM on 2 MAY 2009, 2pm to vote out the new guard.
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