Code::XtremeApps:: 24 hour programming competition

Are you a programmer? Are you game enough to take part in the one and only 24 hour round the clock programming contest in Singapore?
The Information Technology Standards Committee (ITSC) is organising Code::XtremeApps::, a 24 hour programming contest that push programmers to the limits. It’s like the X-games in programming. This is the 3rd year that Code::XtremeApps:: is being organised. Last year saw 75 teams and 211 contestants in the Open Category.
There are 2 category for the Code::XtremeApps:: contest. Open and Junior category.
The Junior category, which is introduced last year, is open to contestant age 12 and below. (Boy do they start young nowadays) The Junior category will be a one day event (not 24 hours) Contestant will use Squeak Etoys to design their own games and stories. Contestants will be mentored by student volunteers from Nanyang Girls High. The Junior Category contest will be held on 3rd July 2009 at Nanyang Girls High.
The Open category has no age restriction and is open to everyone. Contestants can form a team of 1 to 3 members. Each team are expected to conceive and develop innovative applications within 24 hours based on the theme that is provided on the spot. The selected platform this year is Android and Python. The Open category will be held from 11 to 12 July 2009 at SMU.
Training will be provided for both Junior and Open category.
For more info, refer to the website and facebook group.
Hurry, registration end on 25 May 2009.


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