Review: Sony Walkman NWZ-W202

Sony just released a new Walkman W series MP3 player last Saturday. I just got a unit from Sony today. So I guess I can call this fresh from the oven.
The NWZ-W202 is a 2GB flash based MP3 player with a very unique design. There is no tangling wires. The entire MP3 player is the headset itself. A magnet holds the 2 ear piece together when not in use. This unique design allows users to listen to MP3 on the go without the fear of their earphone wire being hooked. Weighing just 35 grams, the W202 is foldable and very portable. The earpiece needs a little while to get used to. But once you are used to it, the MP3 player fits nicely and you won’t even feel that it is there.
I think gals with long hair can use their hair to cover the NWZ-W202 completely. It is quite suitable for wearing while doing exercise. The gym goers will love this. During the launch event, Sony demonstrated the usefulness of this design by getting a few dancers do hip hop on a bus.

Not something I would recommend you to do on a bus or train, but nobody is stopping you if you really enjoy your music and want to break into a dance.
The W202 doesn’t have a screen. Well, with such design, even if there is a screen, you won’t be able to see it unless you take it off. So to solve the problem of finding a song, the W202 comes with an interesting feature call ZAPPIN. You can activate ZAPPIN by press and holding to the jog dial. Once activated, ZAPPIN will play the main chorus of each song for a few seconds and skip to the next track. Once you found the song that you are looking for, just exit ZAPPIN by pressing the jog dial and the W202 will play the song from the beginning. The jog dial also make navigation easy.
The W202 has a battery life of up to 12 hours. There is also a quick charge function which allows the device to playback up to 90 minutes with only 3 minutes of charging. A nice looking charging dock is included in the package. But you can always grab any mini USB cable you have lying around for charging and data transferring.
The Sony Walkman W series NWZ-W202 is now available in Singapore with a retail price of S$129.00. Comes in 5 colours: Black, Violet, Pink, Green and White.

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In short:
A simple MP3 player with unique design
Unique design – Suitable for exercise
Quick Charge feature
Only available in 2GB
Many thanks to Audrey from Hill & Knowlton and Sony for inviting me to the press event and sending me a NWZ-W202.
PS: I think the W202 is pretty suitable for jogging. Hmmmm…. Maybe I should go jogging with it soon. Maybe only hor……
Update: Some of the NWZ-W202 are known to have issues when contacted with moisture. Sony will do a replacement for W202 damaged by moisture.


  1. I’m curious if it’s that good and is it bassy or wad? Cause it doesn’t seem to have equiliser..

  2. Then the price shouldn’t be that expensive though… Might as well get a blue-tooth headset instead.. Do you really think the price is really worth it?

  3. Curious: Many people thought it is a bluetooth headset too. But too bad it isn’t. Would be good if there is a bluetooth for you to connect to your handphones.
    Worth it or not will depends on your needs. Some might feel that the new iPod shuffle is better while others might think that this Walkman W series is better. Personally, I feel that it’s good for workout. Although I haven’t tried jogging with it, I already can imagine running without any strings attached. πŸ™‚

  4. dk: Hmm… I’m actually comparing the actual value of this walkman… It seems great, from your descriptions. But I’m still doubtful of it’s functions is worth that kind of money… $129 , quite expensive, 2x of that I can get an Ipod chrome :X If it’s great for leisure use for school etc, I might get that? What functions are there and are great? Perhaps the sound quality etc? Sorry for bothering you haha, want to consider it better before purchasing it or I may regret it

  5. Curious: The best part about this the design. Imagine no earphone string dangling when you are listening to songs. Quite good for exercise.
    I suggest you visit the Sony shop to check it out yourself. What seems good to me might not be as good to you.

  6. KT: I’ve seen it at Sony Style. (Singapore)
    Are you from Singapore? Cause maybe other countries might be launching this at later date.

  7. Hey, how do we charge this ? Bought it like a few days ago and used for a few hours. The lights doesn’t seem to turn green.. always in light purple. Some bugs?

  8. Curious: You bought it too? πŸ™‚
    Just plug to the Walkman to the USB dock and connect to your computer to charge.
    Light purple light? Or is it red light? Red lights means time to recharge your battery.

  9. dk: Yea.. Seems good at the moment. Its in light purple… but I wonder why it doesn’t seem to change to green or red

  10. interested: Quite a number of places selling them. Sony style confirm got. If you are a challenger member, they selling it at $125 for members. ($4 cheaper. haha)

  11. Curious : I have a ipod, but I thought this sony was cool so I bought one last week. Guess what … it just died after my second workout. This sony is not meant for sport, unless you dun sweat while working out. Will be going back to the shop today to change for something that I might not need …. sigh …. felt like being robbed !!!!

  12. HEY Toral, EXACTLY!
    Mine died few days ago too!
    I was running and sweating (of course)
    then it suddenly went in Zappin Mode and couldn’t get out.
    Then when I joined the magnets it died.
    Absurd! We are suppose to be able to run with it but its not waterproof. o.O so what happens to the sweat?

  13. KT: Have you send to the service centre? Let me check with Sony to see if here is any known issue with the W202. I tried googling and didn’t find any other place mentioning this fault.

  14. Return the faulty unit back y’day and got a refund … but very reluctantly … the shop told that I not supposed to use it for jogging, bec it is not waterproof … strange. Anyway glad that I got my money back this time.

  15. Toral & KT: I’ve check with Sony and they are are uncertain what may be the cause of the issues. It could be 2 isolated case since there wasn’t any other reports of such issue online and several friends of mine are using it for workout and didn’t encounter this issue.
    Maybe you can bring it to the service centre at Wisma Atria for a detailed check up. Sony Singapore will be willing to do a one-to-one replacement for faulty sets.

  16. Thanks dk. Bought Zen Mosaic … being using it for 4 workouts now … the battery still going strong. Anway, dun think that the Sony will last bec it will constantly wet due to perspirations …

  17. Toral: I don’t think it will spoilt so easily. It seems like some isolated case. I got quite a few friends using it for exercise and didn’t experience any problem. πŸ™‚

  18. Bazza: Sorry, there isn’t any recall for W202. Got the wrong info. But Sony will replace the W202 if damaged due to moisture.

  19. Ha Ha, I’m laughing at myself now, mine just GONE yday. This one I got is sucks, used less than 2 months. Hope Sony can replace a new one. Any idea how long it will take to replace a new one ?

  20. Luke: It’ll only take a couple of days if they’re replacing it.
    For repairs its slightly longer. Sony called this morning saying I can collect my new set now. Wonder if it’ll spoil again…

  21. dk: Sure, time will tell and shall tell…
    Can you check with Sony if they made any technical improvements to the new ones? Thanks

  22. KT: Doubt there is any. From their comment, the problem seems to lies with some of the batches only. So long as you get the other batches, it should be fine.

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