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Nokia, together with Singtel, will deliver Nokia Messaging to the Nokia E63 with a special data plans. Singtel is the first operator in Asia and among the first in the world to launch this service on 4 April 2009. The other 2 operator will be launching their own Nokia Messaging service soon.
I have a sneak peak at how Nokia comes with email Nokia Messaging works last week. OK, I didn’t really see how it work. Everything is in the backend and the front end is like any other mobile email. Except the email is pushed to you just like what BlackBerry does. Setup is very easy. If you are using popular client like Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail (and other not so popular email solution), all you need to do is enter your email address and password. Personal or corporate email account might require a little more setting but they are quite idiot proof.
SingTel’s MobileM@il plus plan comes with a bundle of 10 MB data. SingTel subscribers who purchase Nokia E63 can get MobileM@il Plus data plan with Nokia Messaging at $5.35 per month (for 2 years). Usual subscription price is $17.86.
Personally, I think that most consumers don’t really need push emails. For consumers, they don’t need to receive email within a few second after someone click the send button. Unless they are running their own business or need to monitor office email on their personal phone. But its always good to know that if the average consumers need push email, they have more options now. Nokia phones are generally more consumer friendly.
On a side note, I got to try out the new Nokia E75 briefly. Looks good with the scroll out Qwerty keyboard.
Many thanks to Liyi from Text100 and Nokia for the sneak peek at Nokia Messaging. (PS: I discovered that Nokia Malaysia also had an event on the Nokia Messaging on the same night. What a coincident.)


  1. Shen: They didn’t mention anything about tethering since the event is by Nokia and not Singtel.
    But from my understanding, you can tether with any mobile plan. It’s whether the device allows you to tether or not.
    We all know that iPhone does not allow tethering. But if you take out the iPhone SIM card and plug to another device, you can still access the internet.
    If I’m not mistaken, most Nokia phones allows tethering. But the MobileM@il only comes with 10mb data bundle leh. You sure you want to tether on that?

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