The Aware Saga – Time to repair the damages

I guess most of you should know by know that the Aware EGM passed a vote of no confidence on the new exco by a margin of 1414 to 761 votes. Josie Lau and her team have all resigned and Ex-Aware president Dana Lam is elected to be the president again. Peace is restored. (Or should be restored soon)
So what’s next? I think there is a serious need to repair the damages done by Josie Lau and her team. During this period, there were lots of arguments both online and offline regarding religion. Singapore is a multi-religion country and we cannot allow hatred between the different religion. We must not allow this incident to disturb the peace among the different religion in Singapore. Religion should never be dragged into the picture. We should not allow a small group of people the chance to hijack a religion to push forward their views. I personally know many Christians who do not believe in what Josie Lau and her team are doing. I do not think Josie Lau and her team represent the majority of the Christians in Singapore.
And I’m glad that Josie Lau and her team are now out of Aware. They have created a hell lot of mess in Aware during this short period. Especially the $90,000 spending which wasn’t approved by the members. Looking back, they wasted quite a lot of money. Firstly, they go change the locks of the office to some high tech lock. Then they employ an event company to organise the EGM. (HELLO? You think concert ah?) They engaged legal counsel and Auxiliary Police for the EGM. And the rental at Suntec isn’t cheap. Aware is a non profit organisation. How can you any how spend money like it belongs to your grandfather? I really hope the newly appointed exco will make Josie Lau and her team be responsible for the $90k that they spend without approval from the members.
The EGM results is not a victory for the Pro-LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender). The purpose of the EGM is never for Pro-LGBT. Aware is never a Pro-LGBT organisation and should never be one. The purpose of the EGM is to remove those who are Anti-LGBT and put forward a neutral stand on the LGBT issue. It does not mean that the people who support Aware are Pro-LGBT. It only means that we want to give everyone a choice. I know there are people out there who are Anti-LGBT. I don’t intend to change your Anti-LGBT ideology and I don’t think my words can convince you to change. I only wish that you would allow others to choose.
Its heart warming to see people from all walks of life come together when called for. Aware has been there for many of us out there, so it is time we return a favor. Its also amazing how the new media play a major role in rallying supporters. And interesting to see how attendees of the EGM uses Twitter to keep everyone updated.
It’s a proud day for all Singaporeans. Good job everyone.


  1. Come on, when over 700 people voted in favour of the new Exco, they constitute a segment of society whose views (anti-LGBT or otherwise) cannot simply be ignored.
    I hope AWARE will continue to listen to the many voices in society, especially when there are differences in views.

  2. agree that we simply shouldn’t ignore the 700 views and perhaps many others who are at home and didn’t come forth to speak their minds. Maybe then, I suggest, set up another organization to fight for what you believe in. I believe Josie and gang are capable enough to do just that, they are strong women too.

  3. Fargoal: Nobody is ignoring the 760+ who voted in favour and the thousands who didn’t attend but were in favour. But is Aware a suitable common ground for such discussion? Aware is a secular organisation. It has always been neutral on LGBT issue. It cannot be Pro or Anti LGBT.
    Figs: I wouldn’t suggest creating another association to promote Anti-LGBT. If a group of people are allowed to set up an association to promote Anti-LGBT, what is stopping the other camp from setting up an association to promote LGBT?
    The best is to leave the choice and decision to everyone.

  4. Tan Ah Beng: The funny thing is someone from the COOS actually stood out said that the amount is covered by the sudden increase of membership. *slap forehead*
    Cannot believe their mentality. Such money can be put into better use.

  5. Lim Wee Lim said that the 120k collected gave AWARE a bonus 30k they did not have before.
    still 90k was NEEDLESSLY wasted by the Josie Lau EX-exco, does this kind of logic remind you of some other charity CEO? raise a couple of million dollars, whats a 600k peanut in his own pocket.

    if I’m not wrong, lim wee lim is somehow related to thio SM… (family member), read it somewhere else yesterday

  6. Perhaps JL and team already know that there is a likely chance that they will lose at EGM…thus just spent lar, why leave any ammo behind for the old guard…. burn the bridge during withdrawal …
    Also if JL and team still in power after EGM they may be able to garner contribution from the rich COOS members to fund their cause.

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