19th European Union Film Festival – Wolf (Varg)

I was invited to the European Union Film Festival’s Blogger Movie Night held at the Swedish Embassy Residence. The current EU Presidency is the Czech Republic. But since the Czech Republic doesn’t have an Embassy in Singapore, the incoming EU Presidency, Sweden, will represent the EU Presidency.
We were treated to some light refreshment like cheese and meatballs. YES, Swedish meatballs are the best. I love meatballs and always try to get some when I’m at Ikea. Oops, sorry, I digress. After the light refreshment and chat with some of the Swedish Embassy staff, we were given an exclusive movie preview to Wolf (or Varg in Swedish). Wolf is the Swedish film featured in the 19th EU film festival. We all know that Sweden is famous for their furniture, meatballs and Volvo. But we didn’t know that Sweden also produce good movies until that night.
Wolf (Varg) is a story about the indigenous people of northern Sweden, the Sami. A large part of the Sami culture involves the herding of reindeer. The story evolves mainly between Klemens, a Sami who likes the old ways, and his nephew Nejla. When a wolf appears in the region and attacked the reindeer, their Sami way of life comes under attack. Under the Swedish law, hunting and killing of wolf is a crime and offender can be jailed up to 4 years. This film shows the conflict between tradition and modern day society in Sweden.
I don’t remember ever watching a foreign film in my life. But I must say that I truly enjoyed this film. The film also showcase some beautiful landscape in Northern Sweden. So beautiful that I wanted to pack my back and stay there for a couple of months, until someone reminded me that there is no broadband there. Ok, I doubt I can survive couple of months there. Maybe a week or two.
Wolf will be showing on 9th May 2009 at GV VivoCity.
Apart from Wolf, there are 18 other great films from different countries in the European Union that will be featured in the 19th Eurpoean Union Film Festival between 7 to 17 May 2009. Check out the EU Film Festival website for more details. Tickets can be purchased at GV Vivo box office or GV online website.
I heard that tickets for “A Road To Mecca: The Journey of Muhammad Asad” (Austria) has already been sold out. Better book your tickets fast.
Many thanks to Melvin from 20Twenty, Swedish Embassy and EU Film Festival for the invite.

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