Dell Swarm

I was invited to Geek Terminal for a sneak preview of an interesting new concept by Dell which will be launched soon in Singapore.
Called the Dell Swarm, it is something like bulk purchase but instead of the consumer organising the bulk purchase, it is the company that organise the bulk purchase. Here is how it works. Every Tuesday, 2 Dell products will be up on the Dell Swarm website for 72 hours. As more people join the swarm and buy the product, the final selling price of the product goes lower. You can either help spread the words and get your friends to join the swarm or wait for some random stranger to join in. Either way, everyone will enjoy the same amount of discount at the end of the swarm. The swarm will end after 72 hours or when there are 15 buyers for the product.
There are several ways for you to spread the message and get your friends to join in the swarm and help you push the pricing of the product down. You can send message to your friends thru Facebook, twitter, emails etc etc.
Interesting concept I would say. Singapore is the first country in the world to have Dell Swarm. If the response is good, they will roll it out to the rest of the world.
The Dell Swarm is targetted to start tomorrow (5 May 2009, 12 midnight). Understand that the first 2 product on Dell Swarm is the Inspiron Mini 12 and Dell Studio 14. So if you are interested in buying these 2 product, why not check it out at Dell Swarm. (PS: The website not up yet at the time I’m writing this blog entry)
Many thanks to Tania and Patlaw from Ogilvy and Dell for the invite.
Update: It appears that we have given them too many good suggestions during the blogger’s preview. The launch date has been postpone till 12 May 2009 so that they can implement some of the suggestions that we brought up. But you can check out on the official how it works page to get ready for the swarm.


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