"Shut up and sit down" T-shirt

The Aware EOGM last Saturday inspired a design consultant (@bionic_creative on twitter) to come out with a series of T-Shirt with some infamous quotes from the meeting. T-shirts with quotes like “Shut up and sit down”, “Respect your elders”, “I’m on page 73” and “Where were you” are now available on sale for $29.90. 70% of the proceeding will go to Aware, which might need a little top up in their funds after Josie and Co spend $90,000 of the funds in less than 1 month.
Go check out the website, there are several interesting design. This is my favorite design. I understand that it’s also the most popular design currently.
But too bad they are in white (Some design available in pink). Waiting for black version to come before ordering. This is so cool.
Update: Black Colour “Shut up and sit down” T-Shirt is now available at $34.90. Woohoo!!!


  1. I actually ordered the black version “Shut up and Sit down” shirt from the cafepress.com. Cafepress comes with black, brown, bright green, navy, cardinal, gray colors etc for each design. This is when shortly after the EGM was over, bionic open their shop in cafepress and me and my friend bought it there.
    But then the next day, Bionic move it’s shirt to printeet.com.
    Cafepress shirt imo is really expensive though.

  2. Yuu: Yeap, Cafepress is expensive. The current one is a local company. Let local company earn the money lah. I heard that black T-shirt is more expensive, that why they still trying to discuss the pricing with the printer.

  3. Greetings DK
    Just wanted to say thank you for giving the T-shirts a mention on your blog, and for your support.
    The black Tshirts are a little dearer because they have to be produced in another method that is different from the white ones.
    We will be adding 2 designs (probably the top sellers) to the black T-shirt range very soon.
    Vicki’s last blog post..Shut Up & Sit Down Aware T-shirts

  4. I’ve tried Comboutique. Why dont you give it a try. they have an office here in Singapore therefore free shipping and it’s very fast. Good quality shirts and moreso you get your design just the way you like it. their link is http://www.comboutique.asia

  5. Hi Lucky
    I’ve seen Comboutique before, but I am happy with Printeet.com.
    1. The tshirts on Comboutique seem to be pricier.
    2. Printeet is working with me to sub donations out to Aware
    3. Dionis from Printeet is wonderful to work with
    If it ain’t broke, dont fix it.
    Thanks for the suggestion though.
    Vicki’s last blog post..We’re Moving! (And having a Garage Sale)

  6. hehe! i just ordered from them again =0 me on the otherside, tried printeet.com and i’ve a bad experience! I guess, will just leave it at that. I dont badmouth, but i advocate the best ones! =0

  7. Either that of Comboutique is so desperate that they’re hiring people to do such things, in horrible grammar no less.

  8. Toukarin, the link you sent was of Comboutique here in Asia? It’s a blog post from 2007 and I was reading up on them after seeing these posts but I think they’re very new here so wasn’t sure if those comments were of the Asia service as well. A tad apprehensive since they’re new.

  9. Hi Vicki,
    Actually I ordered 2 items from Comboutique previously and was satisfied. I had to pay for my orders so cannot be working for them! Perhaps it was just a one time bad experience with printeet, I have actually heard others also say they’re good.

  10. lucky> Your previous comment and this current one appears to be totally different in terms of grammar and style, and it appears you trying to do damage control here.
    Your previous comment:
    hehe! i just ordered from them again =0 me on the otherside, tried printeet.com and i’ve a bad experience! I guess, will just leave it at that. I dont badmouth, but i advocate the best ones! =0
    TI> Maybe it doesn’t apply to Comboutique in Asia, but in any case, you wouldn’t disagree that ‘lucky’ here is trying to tarnish others for the benefit of Comboutique.

  11. Before we carry on any discussion, everyone please declare if you have any affiliation to Comboutique or Printeet.
    It is totally alright to praise your own company (or your friend’s company). But it is unethical to pretend to be a happy customer.

  12. I am using Printeet to run my Aware T-shirt campaign. I am a customer and do not work for Printeet. I run Bionic Creative, a boutique design studio.
    My opinions for Printeet have been genuinely formed as a client and with them as my t-shirt printing service.
    You can pretend to be a happy customer, but I think it’s just distasteful to diss and slag other companies to promote yours.
    Vicki’s last blog post..Shut Up & Sit Down Aware T-shirts

  13. I have no affiliation to either in terms of being a customer, as I am neither praising nor condemning either of their services here.
    However, I strongly feel and agree with Vicki that it is totally unethical for Comboutique here to tarnish others’ reputation for its own merit.
    On a different side, I have had experience being a victim before of such tactics and it’s best to deal with such malicious people early before bad words distort the truth.

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