Singtel F1 Simulator Bloggers race

I was invited by Ivy from Singtel to try my hands on the Singtel F1 Simulator and pit myself against other bloggers to win a pair of tickets to the Singapore Grand Prix.
I’ve always interested in the Singapore Grand Prix. I was lucky enough to be invited to the BMW Sauber F1 team press conference last year and watch the Grand Prix at Gotham Penthouse with other Chevy owners. Actually I wanted to try the Singtel F1 Simulator last year. But couldn’t find any friends who wanted to go together.
Knowing that its going to be a race and the winner will walk away with a pair of tickets to the Singapore Grand Prix, I decided to do some homework before attending. Getting myself familiar with the race track and learning it from last year’s pole position, Felipe Massa.

Massa did it in 1:44 minutes. I doubt I can be anywhere close. I was expecting myself to do maybe 3 minutes plus.
There are some PC Simulator for us to try out before attempting the real simulator. Boy was it hard to control. You cannot step on the accelerator too hard at gear one or the car will spin and go out of control. You also cannot step on the brakes while turning. Brakes can only be applied when you are driving straight. So I guess I have to forget everything that I’ve learnt in the past on Daytona and other car racing games.
Before trying out the simulator, we did some camwhoring with the driver suit. Why is it that I feel like Darth Vader while wearing the suit? Didn’t wear the suit for long as it is very hot.
Driving on the real simulator is very different from driving on the PC simulator. It’s quite difficult to control the F1 car. Takes me a while to get used to driving on it. I managed to pull off a 2.42 minute on my first lap. Wow, better than I expected.
I think its either I brake too hard or I wasn’t used to the simulator. I sort of got a little motion sickness after getting down from the simulator. Luckily I didn’t eat anything before that. And the funny part was someone from Singtel came to me and ask me to help fill in a survey. Wow, writing when having some motion sickness is quite a challenge. I hope they understand what I wrote.
My 2.42 minutes was the fastest in the qualifying round. Woohoo! For the finals, I will pit my timing against Yin who came in 3rd in the qualifying. While waiting for my turn, I had some practice on the PC simulators which I was beginning to enjoying playing. In fact, I was a little tempted to buy those steering wheels and play the PC simulator at home. Wahahaha.
But I messed up for the final. Scratched the wall a few times when turning. My timing of 2.40 minutes was 4 seconds short. Yin won and walked away with a pair of tickets to the Singapore Grand Prix finals. Congrats!!!
At first I thought I’ll walk away with nothing. But a week later, Ivy emailed me and said that they are giving the runner ups a pair of tickets to the Singapore Grand Prix qualifying rounds. WOOHOO!!! I’m going to watch the F1 LIVE on the qualifying night. I can always jio a few friends go pub watch the finals.
If you want to try your hands on the Singtel F1 Simulator, check out their website to see the next location. You can also download the PC game to try out. (Works best with real steering wheels)
Many thanks to Ivy from Singtel for the invite.


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