Advertisement that pissed you off 7

It’s been a long time since I last post about advertisement that pissed me off. (I think I should categorise this section as ATPYO)
I got a rude shock today morning while surfing Channel News Asia website. It was a loud sound coming out from my iMac speakers. I couldn’t exactly make out what the person was shouting about. It sounds like “Nasi Lemak”, pronounced in a weird manner. No, it’s not my hungry stomach crying for a packet of Nasi Lemak for breakfast. (I’m not a huge fan of Nasi Lemak anyway.) Neither is it a advertisement from a Nasi Lemak store. (which would be ultra cool to see a Nasi Lemak store adopting new media for advertisement)
The sound is from the banner by inSing, a new a infotainment site by Singtel.
This is not the first time a banner play sound by default. (Check out ATPYO 2 and ATPYO 3) Banner with sound should be muted by default. The sound should only be played when user click on the unmute button. I think there is a need for someone to write about web advertisement etiquette. Banners playing sound by default is definitely top on the list. It’s not nice to piss off potential visitors before they visit your site.
If you are going to surf Channel New Asia site lately, my advice to you is lower your speaker volume if you don’t want to get a rude shock like me.
Update: You know what? If you are lucky enough, the front page will show you 2 advertisement from inSing at the same time. And they play the “Nasi Lemak” sound one after another. Isn’t that fabulous?
I think the person in-charge of this ads campaign must be thinking: If 1 banner playing sound by default isn’t enough to piss you off, maybe 2 will.
Update 19 May: After tons of people complaining on twitter and a complaint email from me to their customer care, they finally mute the inSing ads on CNA. Cheers.
Update 21 May: It seems like inSing has lots of advertising budget and their advertisement is all over the internet. They removed the sound for the ads on CNA. But not for other websites that they are advertising on. I just got a fright just now by that stupid “Nasi Lemak” sound when I was surfing WikiAnswers site. Looks like I need to mute my iMac when surfing the net.


  1. Cloudywind: Yeap, it took me a while to find it too. The thing about all these noisy banners is that, the reader most likely won’t even know where that stupid sound is coming from.

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