Will #followfriday on Twitter work?

It’s Friday again. And you know what will happen in Twitter on Friday? #followfriday on twitter. I don’t know where or when this #followfriday trend started. But honestly, I don’t find it useful to me at all.
Sorry, but whenever someone post a #followfriday tweet, all I see is a long list of twitter-ers whom the person thinks is interesting. But I have no idea why that person is interesting and why I would also be interested in following that person’s tweet.
I was thinking, instead of posting a long list of people whom you think is interesting, why not just post one person per tweet and have a brief intro on the person and why you think he/she is worth following.
Here is my first #followfriday tweet which I did last Friday.

This is the first time I do #followfriday. @siewkumhong. I really respect him for his contribution as Nominated Member of Parliament.

Would this be better compared to just listing out twitter-ers whom you think is interesting?

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