Memorial Day

Interesting to find out that America is celebrating Memorial Day now. (Last Monday of May) Memorial Day is a day to commemorates US men and women who died while in the military service. Its nice that a country actually have a public holiday to honour those who lost their life while serving the country, although I don’t really agree with most of the wars that US engage in recent years.
If you have the chance, do catch the movie call “Taking Chance“. It’s based on a true story about an officer escorting the body of a servicemen who lost his life in Iraq. A very touching movie.

Sometimes I wish that Singapore honor the men and women who served the army as much as America does. Its weird that we are a nation with compulsory conscription yet we don’t really respect the men and women in uniform. I know, you often see me complaining about national service. But end of the day, I still feel that it is something very important to Singapore.

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