Going back to camp

If you are reading this on Wednesday afternoon (27 May), I should be back in camp, wearing my number 4 and serving the nation. For 1/2 day only. I should be back to civilization by evening time. If I’m not wrong, we are going to do a route march to warm up for the big ICT in August.
Yes, I know you will be saying “Huh? How come you going back for reservist again?” Well, I guess my unit siao on ba. Plus I think its good to one shot finish my reservist. I don’t know if I’m able to perform my military duties as I get older. My unit can be quite xiong sometimes. If you read my blog entry about my previous ICT exercise, you will know that age is catching up with me.
PS: I hope they don’t issue us the new pixel number 4 today. Please, let me wear my garang old number 4 slightly longer.


  1. Kenny: Yeap. Just a simple 4km route march and some admin stuff. Must warm up for the super duper xiong ICT in Aug. 🙂

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