Someone using SPH IP Address to multi nick on my blog and defend TNP

Update: I made a mistake here. the comments are from 5 different SPH staff who saw the article. My apologizes.
Below is the original blog entry.
I was pretty surprised just now. From yesterday until now, everyone is condemning The New Paper for their irresponsible report on the H1N1 article. I see tons of twitter message slamming TNP. I see several blogs denouncing TNP for their action.
Then suddenly, between 5:09pm to 5:58pm, I got 5 different nick posting 6 comments to defend The New Paper for publishing the name of the first H1N1 patient. Then I notice something very interesting. All the 6 comments have the same IP address.
Comment 1
Comment 2
Comment 3
Comment 4
Comment 5
Comment 6
And the most interesting part is, this IP address is from Singapore Press Holdings Ltd, the company that owns The New Paper. Looks like someone from SPH is trying to defend TNP’s action and creating 5 multi-nick to give everyone the impression that there is a group of people who feels that it is alright to publish the girl’s nick. Shame on you!
I don’t think the person is acting under SPH management’s instruction. No sane management would ask their employee to do such a thing and put their company reputation at stake. I believe that it is the work of an employee from SPH acting on his/her own. He/she might be one of the reporters who wrote the article.
Dear Jazz Lin (If that is your real name), for goodness sake, you are making a huge mess here. Go search for TNP on twitter and blogs and you will know the amount of backslash TNP is getting for publishing the girl’s name. If your company’s Corporate Communications or Public Relations still doesn’t know about this mess you have done here, I suggest you inform them ASAP and let them handle this crisis the professional way.
Update: I might have made a mistake here. There could also be a possibility that the comment is written by 5 different people all under the SPH network. I almost forgot that this is possible. Thanks to darkholme for informing. But whatever the case might be, the IP address is confirmed to be from SPH.


  1. Hey DK, I was just thinking that although it is confirmed that the different comments all came from the same IP address, it may not all come from the same person, given that some large organisations (mine included) share single IP addresses across the entire organisation. So it could be that different people in SPH are commenting?
    – Cheers, Kelvin

  2. darkholme: Oh ya. Why didn’t I think of that. Thanks.
    (Goes to show I was sleeping in class during networking class)
    But nevertheless, it is confirmed that the 5 nick is from SPH IP Address. This 1 cannot hide.

  3. wah. best. total pwnage.
    im dont understand how anyone can still have the guts or intelligence to defend tnp after yet another one of its publication blunders.

  4. What The New Paper did was deplorable. Any reasonable publisher would have realised that it would cause a lot of hurt after the suffering the lady implicated in the SARS outbreak as the “super-infector”. But no, not the TNP.
    In their opinion, it appears that being the one to hit the stands with the poor girl’s name is the correct thing to do.
    I shall encourage my friends and family members to boycott this tabloid.
    pkchukiss’s last blog post..Out of the Imagine Cup, and into a whole new world

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