Upturn the Downturn!!!

Wow, suddenly I feel so motivated after listening to the song. What downturn? Bring them on! We can fight them together. Let’s this song rally us together!
Come! Let’s sing along with our Minister and NTUC top management. Together we can upturn this downturn!
GO NTUC!!!! Labour Minister ROCKS!!!!
Upturn the Downturn

In this downturn, workers may feel sad
When its upturn, we will all be glad
Go for help and e2i
Or call union hotline
Cut costs save jobs good for Singapore
With some help from SPUR and also Jobs Credit
U Care Fund and all our SEs
For U, from U
Let us stand in pride and unity
We are pro-workers oi oi
We are pro-business oi oi
Upturn the downturn.
(Lyrics via mrbrown blog)
Damn, this video is bringing me back the horrible memories of the MDA rap.


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