What to do at Kuala Lumpur?

I’ll be going to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur this coming Friday for the Nokia N97 launch event! Woohoo! Thanks to Nokia and Text100 for putting me in a DHL box and courier-ing me over. This is my first time going Kuala Lumpur. A little excited. (Yes yes, I very the lousy, so old already still haven’t visited KL before.)
Now, I have one small little problem. I’ll reach KL at about noon on Friday and the event is in the evening. Which means I have the entire afternoon free and easy at Kuala Lumpur. Anyone got any suggestion of where to go and what to do? Is there any “must visit” places when you are at KL? I’m more of the sit in cafe people watch and surf net or roam around aimlessly type. And my hotel is near the twin towers.
Or anyone living in KL want to meet up?
PS: I’m just kidding about the DHL box. 😛


  1. KL!! Gotta eat eat eat! Jalan Alor is not far from KLCC. It’s got one of the best Bak Kut Teh in existence. But it’s more like a dirty hawker. Another good place to eat is Madam Kwan’s at KLCC. More upscale. And you have got to go to Naili’s! It’s near Ampang Point (a very short cab ride from your hotel). It’s an exotic mamak place. Best to go there at night though.
    There’s a Friendster Cafe in KL too. But perhaps too far for you.
    And if you just need to feel like you’re in Singapore and have free WIFI and all that – just go to Pavillion. Got Toast Box, Tangs, MOF and all the free WIFI for you to leech off. Hahaha. 😀
    To haggle for cheap gadgetry go to Low Yat Plaza. It’s KL’s version of Sim Lim Square. 😀
    Hope that’s enough info for you to enjoy your time at KL! 🙂

  2. Ivy: I think I can do without WIFI. Cause I intend to get a Pre-Paid Data card the moment I step off the plane. Hee hee.
    Thx for the suggestions. Keep them coming in. 😀

  3. Haha! Don’t get haggled though. They love haggling foreigners (Singaporeans included). I usually do price checks on every level. Then go back to the one who’s willing to bargain and tell them “but store X will sell me at price _____ leh!” and the guy will lower his price. 😀
    Since you’ll be there, try Johnny’s Thai Steamboat (http://www.johnnyrestaurant.com). It’s so good! There’s one at Times Square and another one at BB Plaza (which is closer to Low Yat).
    There’s quite a lot to eat at Sungei Wang too (near Low Yat), but I haven’t been to Sungei Wang since 2005 so I’m not going to recommend in case the restaurants haved closed down. :S
    Ivy’s last blog post..My History with Cell Phones!

  4. Ivy: Don’t worry. Most likely not buying anything. Just browsing around to see the trend there. Else I’ll try to dig out my Malaysian accent while talking to the salesperson. Hope I can fake them. 🙂
    Wow, that’s a lot of food suggestion. If only I have more stomach to contain all the good food. 😀

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