The Search for N

As you all know, I got into the final 10 for the Search for N contest. The final leg of the race took place yesterday at 11am. The first 6 out of 10 contestants who arrive the secret location will walk away with the Nokia N97.
I must say that the Search for N yesterday was full of twist and turn. I begin the day early by going to RC2 (Raffles City 2nd Starbucks, facing Chimes) for breakfast and wait for the clue for the final location to be released at Claudia’s blog. I choose that location because it is in town. I guess that the location should be somewhere in town and I’ll surely lose out if I start from my home at Jurong West. RC2 is a good location because there is lots of power point, stable wireless@sg (although I’m using mobile broadband) and next to a taxi stand which is usually full of cabs. I guess RC2 is the best location to start the race. Besides, I know some of the barista there. Can ask them to help if I’m really desperate.
But Claudia’s webhost decide to play a trick on us and crash just 10 minutes before the start of the race. That causes a slight panic. We keep refreshing the website, hoping that it will come back on again. (And also joke among ourselves on twitter. Molemole say she wanted to go Pang Sai, I say I wanted to Wee Wee and Victor should have gone shower. But we can’t leave the computer because the website might be up any moment.)
So finally, the plan B came. The question to the secret location will be emailed to us. Aaaaahhhh!!! This is the time where you wish you had Nokia Messaging. Anyway, the question to the secret location was finally revealed to us at 11:30am.

Clue #6 – the location revealed
They leave 44 nails @ Imal Bar.
It’s an anagram (5 words, 1 number and a symbol) and the bold letters/number are the first letter/number of each word.)

Panic!!! I can’t don’t know where is that!!! I forward the question to my eldest Sister who forward to my Bro-in-law. Everyone don’t know. I start scribbling possible combination. “SunTec” and “SinTel” came into my mind, I don’t know why. The folks at twitter are also guessing. I tried to catch what they were saying on twitterfall, hoping I can get some hints there. But I still can’t guess the secret location after 10 minutes. PANIC!!!
Then Nicole come along and saved the day with one SMS. “The Sail @ Marina Bay Level 44”.
Right!!! Why didn’t I think of that? The “M” and “B” are the ones that is making me confuse. I forget that MB stands for Marina Bay. So I close my netbook, run out to the Taxi stand and head towards the secret location. When I reached there, a Text100 intern was waiting at the lobby. YES! So I went up to The Sail level 44. (Interestingly, my taxi fare was $4.40) I’m the second person to reach the venue. Molemole is the first person to arrive. She was lucky to choose the coffee bean next to The Sail as starting point. Victor came in 6th. He almost didn’t make it as the 7th position came in less than 5 minutes after him.
And so I got myself a brand new Nokia N97. Ta-da!!!!
And fyi, the N97 is not released in the market yet! The official launch will be happening on 5 June 2009 at KL and I should be on my way to the launch event now (if you are reading this blog entry on 5th June). Do follow my twitter for more updates on the launch event.
Many thanks to Nokia Singapore and Text100 for organizing this exciting contest. Thanks to my Sister and Bro-in-law for their help. Thanks to everyone on twitter who has helped me. And most importantly, thanks to Nicole for the SMS.


  1. You are most welcome, DK.
    But also have to thank NTT, he gave me the idea that it might be level 44, I was thinking it was level 4.
    So yup, congratulations on your win 🙂

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