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Singtel launches Singtel AMPed, an interactive mobile music service with unlimited music downloads yesterday morning. They specially flew Lady Gaga in for the launch.
The Singtel AMPed is a new unlimited music download service with no data charges. All tracks are DRM (obviously). You can auto-sync between your mobile phone and PC. Mac is currently not supported. For PC, you can access AMPed website and download the songs at WMA format with DRM. For mobile phone, there is a special java application for you to browse, download and listen to the songs. Not all phones are supported currently. A quick look at the list and I noticed that iPhone and Android phones aren’t supported yet.
Apart from unlimited music download service, user can also join the AMPed community to discuss your favorite songs and artist. Watch free music video, listen to pre-album releases and read about the latest news and gossip. There will also be exclusive events like autograph sessions and showcases for users. The Singtel AMPed is not just a free music download service. Its a music experience.
And here is the best part of the Singtel AMPed service. On top of the unlimited DRM music download, users also get to select and download 15 songs every month, DRM free. Unused track entitlements can be cumulatively rolled over until the end of subscription.
Singtel is partnering Universal Music Group for the Singtel AMPed. Currently, all the songs in Singtel AMPed are from artist under Universal. But Singtel has plans to partner with other labels to include their artist into Singtel AMPed.
So how much is Singtel AMPed? Well, for existing 3G Flexi Lite, 3G Flexi and 3G Flexi Plus customers, Singtel AMPed is available to them free. Yes, F-R-E-E. For customers not on these 3 plans, they can sign up a Broadband on Mobile (200mb) plan at $9.90 per month to get Singtel AMPed. Selected new phones will also be bundled with Singtel AMPed free-of-charge.
If you are existing Flexi customers or interested in Singtel AMPed, check out their website at
Update: Music downloaded to PC is 192kbps WMA format while mobile phone is 96kbps MP3 format.
Update 2: Sorry, I forgot to stress on this important feature. There is no data charges incurred when you download songs on your mobile phone using Singtel AMPed application.


  1. I think browsing and downloading of the music store and files should definitely be seen a standard feature and not as a benefit (if it wasn’t it should be seen as a tax to use the service). Some issues I have with this service is that it only works with a very limited set of phones. I can forgive that it’s only working right now with 1 music label; yes, they can ramp-up and add more later. But the limited phone selection is a dealbreaker for me. One other thing that has to be cleared-up is the syncing issue. Cnet Asia highlights a point “You cannot transfer music between the handset and the PC. Instead you can browse a list of songs that you’ve downloaded on the PC using the phone. From there, if you want songs that are currently on the PC delivered to your handset, you can pick those tracks and download them over-the-air from the handset.” When you add this up, this sounds like a whole lot of cost to a user even if it does mean you can download free.
    .-= Rick Lowbang´s last blog ..SingTel’s AMPed music adds more confusion to mobile/telco download services =-.

  2. Rick: You are right, the limited number of supported handset is a deal breaker for some. But I’m sure they are working to bring this service to more handset in the near future.
    Oh, Sorry. I forgot to mention one more thing. There is no data charges when you download the songs from your phone. So there is no need to worry about the no PC to phone transferring part. Just download on your phone as much as you like. Provided your phone has enough memory. 🙂

  3. Rick: Most phone specs would state the storage capacity. It’s normally around 50 to 200 mb. But some smartphones has higher storage capacity.
    The new Nokia N97 has 32gb. Madness.

  4. hi there. I am currently using Samsung Omnia and used my plan upgrade for a $0 SE W980 phone which i passed down to my brother.
    I am using Singtel’s iOne plan. Any idea how much free bandwidth i am allowed (not download music but rather for surfing net.)

  5. Arnold: Both iOne SuperValue and iOne Plus doesn’t come with any free data usage. You might want to consider bundling a BBOM to your account. Try calling the customer service for more info.

  6. ive signed up for a plan which gives me 6monthes free of singtel amped.however, when i register at the website, there isint a download button available.theres only a prelisten button. can anybody help me solve this?thank you((:

  7. Nice review. Have a question though. I download the songs on my iPhone 3Gs currently. Is there a way (Can I) transfer the songs from Amped to my iTunes library?

  8. I think the invitation of Lady Gaga for the Singtel 2nd anniv performance has damaged Singtel’s image. Has the person-in- charge of this event considered what Lady Gaga’s image is?? Pls note the following comments abt her: “Lady Ga Ga does have a good voice, but she is ugly & weird, an idiot in the making, childish, in ugly outfits, have ungodly appearnce, doing offensive things …. (quote:”

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