Lenovo Thinkpad T400s run over by a 26 000 pounds vehicle

This has got to be one of the coolest reviews ever.

The Thinkpad didn’t survive the 26000 pound vehicle. But the most important thing is, the harddisk is still intact. Come on, honestly, which is more expensive? Your notebook or data? And that is a 26000 pound vehicle. And this is not a ruggedized notebook. It’s a normal Thinkpad.
I got this feeling that it will survive when run over by a normal car. *cough* Anyone got a spare T400s for me to test out? *cough* I can provide a car to do testing *cough*
OK, maybe running a 26000 pound vehicle over your notebook is a little far fetched. Here are some “more realistic” scenario that you might encounter as a mobile warrior.

And by the way, T400s wasn’t officially announced yet.

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