Kotex – Setting a new Singapore record in polluting the environment thru mass balloon release

Wow, my blood was boiling at a new record high in the Singapore Book of Records too when reading this article.

Kotex held a party celebrating womanhood at Siloso Beach on Jun 20. To mark the event, over 1,300 balloons were set free, setting a new record in the Singapore Book of Records.
A spokesperson for Kotex says: “Kotex set free over 1,300 balloons containing myths and secrets about a woman’s body this Saturday (Jun 20) at the Life’s a Beach party at Siloso Beach!
“This is a brand new record in the Singapore book of Records!

Why is it that everybody likes to release balloons into the air to signify something? For goodness sake, 1300 balloons released in Sentosa. For what this time? Dispelling the myths and secrets about a woman’s body? You mean these 1300 “miracle balloons” can dispel the myth and secrets. Let me tell you what does mass balloon release signify. It signify that your company doesn’t care about the environment.
Let me remind everyone that what goes up must come down. Same goes for the 1300 balloons being released by Kotex last Saturday. Imagine the beach littered with deflated balloons. And balloons are known to pose as a threat to marine life. Releasing the 1300 balloons at Sentosa means that a large percentage of the balloon might end up in the sea. Did the organisers take that into consideration before implementing mass balloon release in their event?
Yes, this is indeed a new record in the Singapore book of Record, beating Marriage Central’s 1000 balloon release in March this year. Interestingly enough, the maximum number of balloons allowed for mass released is 500. So how exact did Kotex or its agency managed to apply for a permit for 1300 balloons? Or did they applied for a permit in the first place?
I personally think that 500 limit for mass balloon is too much. In fact, mass balloon release should be banned in Singapore. Releasing balloon in the air is like littering. If there is a $1000 fine for littering, why should we allow people to openly release 500 balloons in the air?
It’s very disheartening to see people doing mass balloon release in Singapore without researching on the impact that it might cause. Perhaps more education is required. Please, help spread the message. Stop mass balloon release in Singapore.


  1. Human beings seldom think of the consequences before they do something. Probably they thought that releasing of balloons won’t do much harm? I’m curious if they did apply for a permit or not.
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  2. Hisham: Why do you need this info? Are you planning an event with balloon release? Even 500 also bad for the environment leh.

  3. It’s going to be hard to get corporations to understand the harm they’re doing. The best of them probably purchase carbon credits to offset all the stuff they’re putting into the air (not just balloons). Does nothing for the environment, but does make them feel less guilty the next time they fart.
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