Moisture issues on Sony NWZ-W202 Walkman player

I’ve reviewed the Sony Walkman NWZ-W202 some time back. Pretty good MP3 player and I’m still using it. But recently I received a few comments on my blog entry saying that their W202 is faulty after contact with sweat. At first I didn’t believe it since mine is perfectly fine. Some of my friends are using it for workout and they also didn’t encounter any problem. But as more and more report came along, I begin to suspect that some of the W202 might have issue.
Sony has since confirmed that a limited number of units are affected by the moisture issue. While there is no recall yet, Sony will replace any NWZ-W202 Walkman player cause by the moisture issue. Singapore users with damaged NWZ-W202 due to moisture issue can contact Sony service centre. Sony will provide a free repair service for affected Walkman W series players. For units that are found to be faulty, Sony will do a one for one exchange.
Seems like either my unit is not affected or I didn’t sweat enough. Lousy me.


  1. A colleague of mind had to change three SE phones dues to ‘water damage’ even though she didn’t drop them in liquids at all. The colleague does have sweaty palms, so I’m wondering if it could happen to mobiles too and not just Walkman players.

  2. Mintea: Sweaty palm until phone spoilt? Wow, that’s a little extreme. So did Sony Ericsson repair the phones for free or he have to pay for the repair?

  3. Am using my third set now. Replace 2 x faulty set(FOC) due to my sweating jog! Advice from sony “DONT USE IT FOR JOGGING!”. Yes, it is like buying a jeep and cant use it for x-country…..Expect my 4th set soon….:D

  4. problem:
    it is not switching on.when i set it for charging it show full charging but when i turn it on it shows red light and 3 time tone is heared thn it become off…..please help me
    Even i also had a same problem after format a player its working good. Format your player and put songs again. thats it.
    * Formatting is only available when the player does not playback.
    * If the OPR lamp lights red due to low remaining battery power, the player cannot be formatted.
    * All data stored on the player will be erased.
    * The Content Transfer software included with the player will also be deleted. If necessary,
    download Content Transfer from the customer support web site.
    1. Unite the left and right parts to turn off the player.
    2. Separate the left and right parts.
    3. Press and hold the jog dial for about 15 seconds until the status lamp blinks quickly.
    Release the jog dial. The OPR lamp lights red.
    4. Rotate the jog dial within 30 seconds after the OPR lamp lights red.
    The status lamp turns off. The OPR lamp lights alternately green and red each time you rotate the jog dial.
    5. Press the jog dial while the OPR lamp lights green.
    The OPR lamp blinks green quickly and formatting is executed. When the OPR lamp turns off, formatting is complete. If you press the jog dial while the OPR lamp lights red, or if 30 seconds have passed, formatting will be canceled.
    have a nice song for ever…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mine stopped working today. Made a buzz sound and the unit was heated up when I touched it, now it won’t switch on.

  6. Hi..
    My w202 walkman earphone broken on one side. Any one know where can repair it?
    Sony service centre is expensive,

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