The King of Pop is dead

I was pretty shocked when I heard that Michael Jackson has passed away couple of hours ago. This is very sudden. I grew up listening to his music. (Yes, I’m that old already) I love his songs from Dangerous and History album. Although he led a strange and bizarre lifestyle, he is still one of the best entertainer in the world. He is the King of Pop.
Coincidentally, I’m giving out Michael Jackson’s Thriller 25 CD yesterday. The giveaway is still on. Send your email in if you are interested.
Here is one of his greatest live performance ever.

Rest in peace Michael.


  1. Should be.
    I loved his songs…
    He led a strange and..
    He was the King of Pop
    I was giving out…
    You need grammar lessons…such a short paragraph you can make 4 mistakes… Some of your articles has horrendous mistakes all over…a few 50 no less.

  2. ho mai: I still love his songs. He is and always is the king of pop. I’m still giving out the CD.
    OK, I made a mistake on the “lead” part.

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