How did Michael Jackson do the anti-gravity lean?

There is no doubt that Michael Jackson is one of the greatest dancer ever. Do you know that the Moonwalk was previously known as backslide? Michael Jackson popularised this move after performing it during his song “Billie Jean” at television special Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever on the 25 March, 1983.
There is a move in the song Smooth Criminal call the Anti-gravity lean which seems impossible to do. In this move, Michael Jackson with his dancer will lean forward beyond the centre of gravity. Initially when it was shown in the MTV, people thought that it was just some special effects. That was until he performed that move live during his concert. Here is a short snippet of the Anti-gravity lean.

In actual fact, they are wearing shoes with specially designed heel slot which allows them to hook on a hitch and lean forward. Michael Jackson even patented the system. Brilliant huh?


  1. mj is a very good singer and dancer he is good in his proffesional life but not personal he scamed a person in a diff country they said theyd giv him 7 million $ if he did a concert or something he said yes they gav him the money and he fled the country and he overdosed on a lot of prescribed drugs and i still think he messed with children but besides all that michael is amazing he used to be so freaking hot but recently in his looks he looks gross. ily michael r.i.p

  2. Michael Jackson is the greatest entertainer that ever lived. No one will ever out-do him. And no disrespect but if your gonna post a comment why don’t you just say good things about him i mean why bring up stupid things that don’t even matter. they found him innocent so why keep bringing it up.. michael jackson was such a great person he has done so much for the world,but the media doesnt acknowledge it. and i feel that michael jackson has changed the world..people need to realize that…michael will live forever….

  3. Obviously, Sha-Cola, Micheal will not live forever……maybe you should emphasize his legacy will live forever.

  4. What i mean by that is Michael will live in all of his fans hearts forever. And yes obviously his legacy will also.

  5. Michael was amazing and I will miss him dearly. People are so quick to bring up the bad and judge others when they really have no idea. What you read and hear is not always truth.
    What people should really be remembering is all the wonderful things that Michael did – as well as being the best entertainer to walk this earth – he was a great humanitarian, did so much for those in need. They said that Michael is in the Guiness Book of Records for most charities donated to by a popstar.
    He did so much good for the world, and the world turned its back on him when he needed the support the most. I think that is so very heartbreakingly sad and cruel. I never believed the accusations – people like Michael who write songs about love and peace and healing and making the world a better place and do so much for others would never do such things –
    The world has lost not only a talented performer/entertainer, but also a beautiful soul.
    He was and always will be my favourite… least he no longer suffers. I’ll always love and miss you MJ – RIP.

  6. Ok people…..If you did not see him molest a child with your own eyes, then how can you say he did it? It’s a shame that people believe everything they read and hear. If people concentrated on their own lives, they wouldn’t be so concerned about the private lives of celebrities. Get a life!! Michael Jackson is an icon, period. There will never be another entertainer like him. His talent is one of a kind. Leave him alone and let him rest in peace.

  7. Toni Byrd: To me, it doesn’t matter what he did in personal life. All I know that he is the greatest entertainer the world has ever seen.

  8. thats a cool move there will never be another michael jackson his the one who changed music from disco to pop with his talent R.I.P michael <3

  9. DK, I agree with you totally!! Only God, Michael, and the accusers know what really happened, not to mention that one of the accusers came out recently and said that Michael never molested him and that his parents put him up to it. What a shame. What goes around comes around. We need to concentrate on Michael’s talent and his generosity, period!! And if people are going to bash him, they need to do it elsewhere and not here. R.I.P MJ!

  10. Toni Byrd: I hate to say this, but from what I understand, the boy never come out and said Michael never molested him. The article you are referring to is a hoax.

  11. DK, I heard that on one of the news shows but I don’t remember which one. Nevertheless, in my heart I don’t believe that Michael molested any of those children. I just don’t think it’s right to accuse someone of something when you haven’t seen them do it. Do you agree?

  12. Michael was the greatest entertainer to ever live. This young man had a hard life….he was never able to be a child and now that he is gone, people still talk about him. Let him rest! He deserves to finally have peace. With all this foolishness going on, how can his family, especially his children heal and recover from this? People are just keeping the rumors flying and they don’t care who gets hurt as long as a newspaper sells, or people are on the internet. I think MJ was a wonderful human being and if he did anything wrong he will answer to God. Why should we be judge, jury and executioner? If you are free of sin, then you have the right to cast the first stone….I pray that Michae;’s family will heal and that he rests in peace. His legacy and music will never die especially because his fans won’t let it happen. I will always love MJ! Those who thrive on the misery in MJ’s life, need to get one of their own!

  13. Michael is the best dancer and singer of all time R.I.P my favourite are: Smooth Criminal, Billie Jean, Bad, Earth Song, I’ll be there, You are not alone, Black or White and loads more!

  14. im not the type of person to say mean things. michael jackson was the best. he was the biggest legend in the world in my opinion.i love all of his songs in some of them i dont know wat he was saying.but when i hear his voice its just like i know exactly wat he was saying.R.I.P michael i think you are in a much peacefull place now.i cant say i know because thats gods saying.

  15. happy belated birthday michael you and my brother birthday on the same day and you are three months older than my mom and dad thats how i know it was your bday r.i.p.

  16. pretty sure m.j was the best at everything he did (dance, sing, charity, or whatever!) and if ur that cold hearted to critize a dead man and cant be thankful for his life and legacy why are u wastin ur time on his websites… ur’s judgement will definatley come in the kingdom of heaven… rest in peace mike!

  17. he is a great person.I am using the word ‘is’ because some people cannot died even after their physically death they live in our heart and he is on of them.there is no match of his dance in this whole world and i just want to say that there will no anyone come in this world like you you are the one of great persons in the world who entertain people heartly.

  18. are you people idiots?! read the article & it explains how he did it!
    by the way, paying people off & settling out of court does not mean you are found innocent, in my eyes it implies some form of guilt, even if not as harsh as the rumors.

  19. All you haters are jealous because M.J. can sing and dance!MJ had a talent and we need to see that rather than say he was a child molester!By the way the court found him not guilty to those charges and acussations!RIP MJ,you will always be in our hearts no matter what happens.

  20. MJ was such a SMOOTH dancer tat ever lived. Musical legend n artistic in his own way. WOW! every performance seems to be perfect..reli. He was a SMOOTH CRIMINAL cuz of his innocent of the allegations. I will always look up to him no matter wad.^^

  21. Okay obviously Michael Jackson IS the greatest entertainer that ever lived! I mean he was good at EVERYTHING! And the idiots and lowlifes who think Michael molested kids are just stupid idiots, who are too blind to see that the media LIES for crying out loud!!! They hold back information from you so you think people are bad when their not!! “Oh Michael Jackson saved a little boys life by finding him a liver no were not gonna publish that because it makes him look good we will say he touched little boys.” PLEASE the media is money hungry and evil! When Aphrodite Jones wanted to publish her book “The Michael Jackson COnspiracy” which is a good read, all you idiots should read it. They wouldn’t let her at first because it was “pro-Jackson” they only wanted “anti-Jackson”! That’s just sick if you as me!! Michael Jackson is amazing and one of the most talented people out there! There will never be one like him! πŸ˜€

  22. Liberian Girl: I do agree that MJ (awesome) didnt molest that kid, but like Tony Byrd (whoever that is) said, the only people who know if he did molest the kid are the kid, MJ, and God. if you didnt see it how do u no its tru or not. i think he is the BEST entertainer in the entire time-space continuim and that he didnt rape da kid, but who knows, you know. people who did say he molested that kid are sick idiots and should be ashamed for believing anything they hear or say. (P.S MJ Rocks and my favorite song is smooth criminal

  23. I love MJ, he was one helluva performer. but sadly, he couldn’t keep up with the patent (the man had a lot of debts) and the patent ended in the late 1990s.

  24. does anybody know if michael jackson has still his 50% of beatles catalogue. i need it for my project and i can’t find a definite answer from no were!!!!!!!

  25. Not only was Michael Jackson a child molester, but he also engaged in coprophilia and bestiality. He was also known to meet with older gentlemen after his shows and perform oral sex on them while rubbing their feet. I know all of these from experience, and let me tell you, Michael really IS the best performer ever.

  26. i like mj songs so much but to tell u the truth i dont know mj before he died but i do think that he was the best performer ever

  27. you know and i’m not being rude he always sweat when he perform on stage.
    and i do love him and i figure how to the spin, side walk, and the moonwalk. easy Google it

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