Support Gazetting Lim Bo Seng's grave as a National Monument

Today is the 65th Death Anniversary of local war hero Mr Lim Bo Seng. I guess most of us read about Mr Lim Bo Seng during History lesson in Secondary School.
During World War II, he help setup Force 136 to to gather military intelligence about the Japanese in preparations for British’s invasion of Malaya and Singapore. He was captured by the Japanese in March 1944 and was tortured while being imprisoned. But he refused to reveal anything to the Japanese. He died in the early morning of June 29, 1944.
After the war, his remains were brought back to Singapore and buried at a hill in MacRitchie Reservoir. Recently, his family approached the National Heritage Board to gazette Lim Bo Seng’s grave as a national monument. Someone wrote to Mypaper recently and said that Mr Lim’s grave is a in a deplorable state. It’s pretty sad to see the grave of a national hero in such a state.
I hope the authorities would gazette his grave as a national monument. I’ve blog about this topic previously that we don’t have a culture of honouring our heroes. I hope more can be done to recognise the contributions of our heroes. A facebook group has been setup recently. Please join to support gazetting Lim Bo Seng’s grave as a national monument. He has done so much for our country, we can only show our gratitude thru this little gesture.
Honour our hero.
PS: I found an interview with Mr Tan Chong Tee, Mr Lim’s friend and colleague. He spoke about how Mr Lim suffered while being imprisoned by the Japanese.


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