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Yahoo! announced a new mobile site last week at CommunicAsia. I was one of the bloggers invited to the blogger session where we were given a demo of the new Yahoo! mobile site.
Some of you might know that Yahoo! have an App on iPhone. You can read news, check weather, check email, Yahoo! messenger, add bookmarks, RSS feeds etc etc etc. I bet all the non-iPhone users are jealous by now. But iPhone isn’t the only phone in the world. In order to reach out to more users, Yahoo! (same goes to other companies) need to extend their products to other platform like Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. But here is the problem, there are so many mobile phone operating system out there in the market, with more coming up every few months. Its difficult for Yahoo! (or any company) to support all the mobile operating system. So its either they develop an app for every mobile OS out there, or go web based. And that is why Yahoo! launched a web based mobile site, to reach out to more users.
The Yahoo! mobile site is somewhat similar to the Yahoo! iPhone apps. The mobile site is positioned as a mobile phone starting point to the internet and is highly personalized. And there are a lot of stuff you can put on the Yahoo! mobile site. You can access your Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and Hotmail from the mobile site. The widget will show you how many unread emails you have. You can also access Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Address Book and Yahoo! Calendar from the mobile site too.
There is also Yahoo! oneSearch, Yahoo! news and Social Pulse. Social Pulse is like a Social Networking aggregator which integrate status updates from your Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Flicker, Friendster etc etc. It’s pretty useful. You can see all your friend’s updates on one single page.
My favorite part about the Yahoo! Mobile site is the “My interest” section. Users can add and manage their favorite content from Weather, popular categories like news topic, RSS feeds, sport score, stocks and a lot more. This makes the Yahoo! Mobile very customizable and functional. And the best part of them all is that your setting is saved with your login id. Which means if you are using another device, all you need to do is to login and you can access your customized Yahoo! Mobile site. Pretty neat feature.
I tried accessing the Yahoo! Mobile site from the 4 major mobile operating system, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian and Window Mobile. They all looks almost the same. Sadly, Yahoo! mobile is not supported on Android’s default browser. Strange. But there is a link for users to download a copy of Opera Mini which support Yahoo! Mobile.
The Yahoo! mobile site can be accessed by more than 400 devices with a HTML-enabled browser. To take that claim to the test, I dig out my old Sony Ericsson K800i (Launched in July 2006) and tried accessing the Yahoo! mobile site. The just like Android, default browser on SE K800i does not support the new Yahoo! mobile site. But you can still view the site after downloading Opera Mini. Wow, I’m impressed.
Do check out Yahoo! Mobile on your mobile device.
Thanks to Sharon From XPR and Yahoo! for the invite.

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