Painting using the grease on burgers. Amazing.

Oh, by the way, Carls Jr is now having Western Bacon Thickburger!!! Amazing I must say. All thickburger should all be Western Bacon style.

A lot of people have been asking me how to vote for me for the OMY Singapore Blog Award 2009. So to save myself from repeating the process everytime someone ask, I’ve decided to write a blog entry about this.
Firstly, go to Singapore Blog Award website. Click “Most Insightful Blog” category (That’s my category). OK, here is the tricky part.
After clicking on the “Most Insightful Blog” link, you will be presented with 10 avatar. Do not be distracted by the bare back lady, cute kitty, boyish looking men and the father with a cute little boy. Your mission is to vote for the guy with face on table (which is me). A lot of my friends got distracted at this stage and click on other avatar. You need to concentrate. Must mind over body. Focus. Click on the guy with face on table. Ignore the other distractions.
Picture 12
Remember lah, vote for the guy with face on table. I know other avatar looks very tempting, but vote for me. You can vote once every 24 hours. So please vote as much as possible. Thank you very the much.
PS: Yes, I know this is a shameless plug. πŸ˜€

Attended the Ogilvy Open Room discussion on Journalism’s from Mars, Social Media’s from Venus aka Traditional Media VS New Media. It is a dangerous move to put journalists and bloggers in the same room and provide free flow beer. Luckily, we didn’t see any flying bottles or chairs. But we had a great discussion. I wish there could be more time so that more points can be brought out. But I guess we can save some for other days. Here are some of the things that are being discussed (during the panel discussion and networking) and my thoughts about it.
Business model for new media. There was a lot of discussion on business model for new media and how to make money from blogging. But after lots of discussion, there still isn’t any perfect solution to this. I took the mic at this point and did a simple survey to see how many bloggers in the room are actually interested in business model for their blog. Only 2 or 3 raised their hands. The fact is, most bloggers aren’t interested in business model for their blog because they aren’t using it to earn a living. Most bloggers blog because of passion. Because they want to express their opinion. It doesn’t matter if they can’t earn a living out of blogging. If there is a few advertorial, that will be extra money for a few more bottles of beer. But the scenario is different for traditional media or a company when they enter social media. They need to talk about business model and profit margins. But that is, in my own opinion, their problem. Bloggers aren’t interested in business model for blogging. In actual fact, even if we are interested, sad to say, there isn’t any. At least not in Singapore’s landscape where the population is so small. There isn’t a lot of money to be made in blogging. Instead of looking at new media as a form of revenue generation, we should look at it as a medium to complement our existing business model.
Another question being raised is will you pay for Newspaper. Some of the attendees say they would. Personally, I won’t. There are so many ways to get news online for free nowadays. You can visit news website like CNA, CNN, Today Online and Mypaper (just to name a few). Or you can get news update from forums, wikipedia, blogs and twitter. In fact, all these options has one benefit compared to newspaper. Newspaper is only delivered to you the next day while website are able to publish the news within hours. So why should I be paying for yesterday’s news when I can get today’s news free?
Someone mentioned that new media is not reliable source of information. This is a very unfair accusation. I do agree that there are some people who misused the new media and post fake or unreliable stuff. But just because someone uses scenes from LOST and claim that they are final footage from Air France Flight 447 doesn’t mean that the new media is unreliable. There are newspapers and tabloids in the traditional media. Can I also claim that the traditional media is a unreliable source after reading the Hillsborough Disaster report by The Sun? Of cos not! You need to look at the source of the information before you can make judgement. And just like the traditional media, the new media also have it’s share of “Tabloids”. It will be unfair to pick those anonymous or “tabloids” new media users and claim that new media is unreliable. There are lots of reliable blog out there in the blogosphere. Stop reading new media tabloids. And by the way, most reputable bloggers out there aren’t anonymous anymore.
Someone also mentioned that bloggers don’t have the right contacts for news. I have to disagree with this claim. Some bloggers are slowly building their contacts. Companies and PR agencies are engaging bloggers nowadays. These people are the contacts they need if there is anything about a company or product they need to enquire for a blog article. So who says bloggers don’t have the right contacts? And bear in mind that bloggers usually works alone or in a small group where else journalists usually have a team supporting them.
Will traditional media die one day? My answer is no. There are several traditional media closing down and converting to web based in the States. But that is for the States where there are many newspaper agencies in the country. Some of the traditional media might close down, but not all. The existing business model for traditional media is dying. In order to stay alive, traditional media need to re-look into their old business model which hasn’t been changed for the past 100 plus years. The environment has changed a lot since the invention of print media. The old business model might not be able to survive for long. Times has changed. Traditional media need to innovate and explore other form of revenue generation. And I’m very sure that some of the traditional media will move to a new business model before the existing business model completely collapse. Don’t ask me what is the new business model for the traditional media. If I know, I would have already send my resume to one of the traditional media already.
End of the day, I feel that Traditional Media and New Media should co-exist. Some might think that traditional media will die and new media will take over. Sorry, even though I’m a passionate new media user, I don’t see this day coming anytime soon. I think new media can complement the traditional media. The media scene is big enough for both traditional media and new media to co-exist and provide view points from different angles. It’s meaningless to debate who is better. Instead, why not look into how the two media can cooperate?
Thanks to the Ogilvy Digital Influence team for the invite. It was a great discussion.

I was pretty shocked when I heard that Michael Jackson has passed away couple of hours ago. This is very sudden. I grew up listening to his music. (Yes, I’m that old already) I love his songs from Dangerous and History album. Although he led a strange and bizarre lifestyle, he is still one of the best entertainer in the world. He is the King of Pop.
Coincidentally, I’m giving out Michael Jackson’s Thriller 25 CD yesterday. The giveaway is still on. Send your email in if you are interested.
Here is one of his greatest live performance ever.

Rest in peace Michael.

In these troubled times **Drink**, we still need to keep our spirit high. That why I’m giving out a copy of Thriller 25, the 25th Anniversary special edition reissue of the Michael Jackson album Thriller. I know, I know, this CD was released early last year. But hey, Thriler, Beat It and Billie Jean are still one of those classic that will never be out of fashion. Check out the Thriller dance video from the movie 13 going on 30.

I got this CD from a media event recently. But you know me lah, I don’t even have time to finish all the podcast waiting on my iPhone. How to listen to this CD? So instead of wasting it, I’ll be giving it out to one lucky blog reader. It’s a brand new CD plus DVD. Unopened.
How to apply:
Just drop me an email me with the title: β€œDee Kay Dot As Gee Recession Giveaway: Thriller 25”.
Refer to the rules for more details.
PS: The King of Pop has just passed away. This giveaway is still on. Send your email in if you are interested.
Update: The CD has been given out. Please lookout for other Recession Giveaway.