As most of you might know, I took part in the Blogathon. I must say that this is one of the best event I’ve ever attended. OK, maybe its not an event but a contest. But still, I have so much fun that I don’t mind doing it again this weekend. (And when I said that, all the folks from Ogilvy, TANGS, Lenovo and Intel fainted because of the huge amount of logistic for this Blogathon)
The idea is simple: Put 10 bloggers inside the TANGS display window, equip them with the latest Lenovo U350 notebook running on Intel Core 2 Solo chip and blog for 24 hours. And some Kiehl’s body care product to keep them looking good for 24 hours.
It was quite a mess initially. We haven’t really managed to settle down when they lift the curtain. And it didn’t help that the first display window that I was allocated to is one of the smallest around. A lot of things were happening within the first few hours. Friends coming over to say hi and support. Photographers taking photo from all over the place. Visit from the Kiehl’s model. Then we need to video the Fashion Spy segment with the crew from Munkysuperstar. Luckily I managed to get Serendipity to be my model. (KELONG AH!)
It took me 1 1/2 hours before I managed to post my first blog entry. It was only until around 11pm when I really get to settle down.
I think I had the most fun after TANGS operation hours. We basically have the entire store to ourselves. And I was fortunate enough to be allocated to the Kitchen Display Window where Sheryo and I had lots of fun with the props there. We tried using the frying pan and fake donuts to play tennis but failed badly. Then we put the fake cake inside the oven and pretend that we are baking something. I also brought Kiehl’s Mr Bone to other display window to “say hi” to other bloggers. And during toilet breaks, I ran towards the restroom shouting with my hands in the air like a mad man. Anyway, there is nobody in the store at that hour. Except the other 9 bloggers and the hardworking staff from Ogilvy and TANGS. I bet they must be thinking that I’m crazy. That how you keep yourself awake. And as I grow more tired, the more loony I get.
Our clothes are sponsored by TANGS. I chosen something that I would usually wear. Dull coloured T-shirt and Jeans. But I added a jacket in case it gets cold at night (luckily it didn’t) Then one of the production crew suggested that I add a fedora hat to my outfit. That is totally not my style, but I go along with it. And surprisingly, everybody loves the hat. They were all saying that I look good in the hat. In actual fact, I think everybody looks good in the hat. Really! (In case you are wondering, the fedora hat is from Library and can be found at TANGS level 3)
Overall, its a great event. I’m glad I was insane enough to take part in this challenge. Nadia and Nicholas won the People’s Choice and Judges’ Choice category respectively and walked away with the brand new Lenovo U350, $300 TANGS voucher and $250 worth of Kiehl products. The rest of us get to keep out outfit from TANGS and $200 worth of Kiehl products. (Oh, my hat is part of my outfit too) On top of that, we all made lots of new friends during the event. It’s great knowing Sheryo, Dottie & Stephie and Melly.
Must really thank everyone who supported me by coming down or commenting on the blog. Thank you for your support. Also must thanks the hardworking staff from Ogilvy, TANGS, Lenovo, Intel and Kiehl. And joe Augustin for being such a good Emcee and keeping us entertained/awake. (But he still owes everyone a dance)
Check out my photo album of the event in my facebook. And also check out Patlaw’s blog entry regarding some Blogathon facts and figures. Honeymeow also posted quite a few videos on her blog.
So…. When can we do it again? 🙂

An iPhone vulnerability has been unveiled at the Black Hat security conference at Las Vegas. Note: This is a vulnerability, not a virus. There are some article out there that claims that its a iPhone virus which is untrue. It is basically a security loophole.
The vulnerability allows hackers to knock an iPhone off the network, take control of the iPhone remotely or even send messages to friends in your address book. The hack works on a major security flaw involving SMS. Hackers just need to send you a series of SMS to make use of the vulnerability. And since you can’t stop an SMS from coming to your phone, there is no way to stop a hacker. The SMS text would come in the form of a single square character. Currently, the advice is to reboot your iPhone if you received such SMS.
Apple has been warned of the vulnerability since mid July and has not patched the loophole yet. Although the exact method are not revealed at Black Hat, it will just take a few weeks for hackers to write software to exploit this vulnerability. The vulnerability can be patched by either Apple or the operator. I suspect Apple is working on the patch now and it will roll out together with firmware 3.1 which should be on the way soon.
And for those other phone users who are laughing at iPhone users now, maybe you might want to know that Google Android and Windows Mobile are also vulnerable to this hack. (Although there is reports that Google has patched the vulnerability on Android) The vulnerability is caused by the way smartphone handle SMS. Which means almost all smart phone is at risk. iPhone is just an example to glorify the vulnerability. And of cos, to glorify the hacker’s name and reputation too. Which you would have notice, I didn’t mention their name at all in this blog. I’ll talk about this issue of hackers revealing vulnerability to public on another blog entry.
So remember, if you received single square character on your SMS, the best thing is to reboot your phone ASAP.
Update: Apple just released firmware 3.0.1 to patch this vulnerability. Pls update your iPhone asap.
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Smirnoff is celebrating its partnership with Manchester United FC with a Mega party this coming National Day at St James Power Station. It’s going to be an entertaining night with games, great music and lots of Vodka. DJ Sied van Riel from Holland (Tipped by Tieso as “the hottest producer around”) will be there with lots of melodic-fuelled trance. You will also get to see the recently launched Limited Edition Promotional bottle with Manchester United FC. I heard that there is only 12000 bottles in Singapore.
I’m excited to be invited by Smirnoff’s PR agency in Singapore to attend this party. Smirnoff Vodka + DJ Sied van Riel = 1 great evening

Smirnoff Presents The Spirit of Champions Party
with DJ Sied van Riel

Date: 9 Aug 2009 (Sunday, next day public holiday)
Time: 10pm onwards
Venue: Powerhouse, St James
On top of that, they are letting me invite some friends along too. So I guess why not give out some of the exclusive invites to my readers (aka you). I’ll be giving 2 lucky readers 4 tickets each. All you need to do is to email me the reason why I should choose you to attend this party with me. Saying that you love Smirnoff helps a lot since there will be lots of Smirnoff that night. Saying you are a Man Utd fan will help a bit. But fans of Liverpool, Arsenal or any EPL team will not be at a disadvantage too. Even if you support S-League also can. Telling me who you bringing along will also help, especially if that person is famous for being a chiong-ster. Saying that you love my blog and reads it everyday will definitely help. (OK, joking joking) Just be creative. Keep it short and simple.
Just email me the reasons with the email title “I want to attend The Spirit of Champions Party by Smirnoff“. (You should know my email address) Closing date is 4 Aug 2009, 2359hr. I will select 2 winners on 5th Aug.
Oh ya, you must be above 18 years old to apply for this. And please don’t drive to the event. You will definitely exceed the legal blood alcohol concentration limit for driving that night.
United Against Drink Driving

It’s 4 in the morning. The worst possible hour to be awake. I should be sleeping as I’m expecting a delivery to my house early in the morning. Yet I’m still awake infront of my computer, thinking about some stuff. Sigh, maybe I shouldn’t think too much. Oh well, better get some sleep.
If you are still awake and have 10 minutes to spare, check out this interesting TED video.

I was invited to experience fine dining on board the Singapore Flyer. Yes, dinner on board the world largest giant observation wheel. In one of the spacious capsule that goes up to 165m or 42 storey high.
This is a new package introduced by the Singapore Flyer recently. And its not just any ordinary dining experience. It’s a full-butler 3 course dining in the skies. The butler will be with you throughout the entire dining experience to attend to all your needs. I must say that the service is really first class and comparable to high class restaurant. Each capsule only accommodates a maximum of 5 couples, allowing enough privacy for each couple to enjoy a romantic dinner with a breathtaking view of the city skyline.
The food is pretty good too. You get to choose between Chilean Sea Bass topped with XO sauce, Roasted Duck Confit, Braised Beef Cheek etc etc for your main course. Arrangement can be made for guest with special dietary requirements. The menu is changed monthly, so it would be good for you to check the menu for the month on their website.
The dining experience start at the Singapore Flyer VIP lounge where you wait for your “flight”. You get 2 rotation on board the Singapore Flyer. Appetizer is served during the first rotation while the cook is busy preparing your main course at ground level. We had the Norwegian Salmon for appetizer. The sauces for the Salmon is pretty good and the Salmon is very fresh. Main course is served during the second rotation. As we are approaching the ground level, we can see the cook near the boarding area, adding some finishing touches to our main course. It’s pretty interesting to see the staff serve us within the short time span when the capsule is at ground level. I must say that they are fast and very organized. I bet they did quite a fair bit of training to achieve this.
I had the Pan Seared fillet of Chilean Sea Bass topped with X.O. sauce. One thing to note is that the dish is still warm when served. They must have monitored the timing of the capsule. By the time we finish the main course, our capsule is almost at the top of the Singapore Flyer. Perfect timing to enjoy the beautiful Singapore skyline and have some after dinner chat. That is followed by dessert and coffee/tea at the VIP lounge. A perfect way to end the day.
The sky dining package starts from an introductory rate of S$199++ per couple. (Usual price is S$299) Few things to take note, you’ll need to book one day in advance. It will be good to visit the restroom before boarding the capsule since there isn’t any restroom on board.
I think it is a perfect place for special occasion like anniversary and Valentines day. The ambiance is great. Service is wonderful. And if you want the ultimate privacy and romantic experience, you can book the entire capsule for S$1500 nett which comes with an upgraded menu, a bottle of champagne, a hand bouquet and a box of chocolates.
Many thanks to Sabrina and Vanessa from Asia PR Werkz for the invite.

In these troubled times **Drink**, we still need to keep our spirit high by entertaining us. Music is perhaps the best way to entertain ourselves. And with MP3 players, we can keep ourselves entertained while on the go. Do you know that Walkman has been around for 30 years already? Wow.
OK, this recession giveaway is going to be slightly more strict than usual. I’m giving away a black Sony walkman pouch. It is compatible with NWZ-A820K series, NWZ-A820 series and NWZ A720 series. Therefore, I will only be giving you the pouch if you have one of these series Sony Walkman. Comes with a LCD Screen protector too.
How to apply:
Just drop me an email me with the title: “Dee Kay Dot As Gee Recession Giveaway: Sony Walkman pouch”. Please also state your Sony Walkman model number. I will only give this pouch to you if you have a compatible Sony walkman.
Refer to the rules for more details.