Lookout for Google Street View Van before you commit your crime

This is one of those amazing tech news. A 14 year old boy was being robbed of $230 and his cell phone after two men dragged him off his bicycle in Groningen, Netherlands. The crime was solved 6 months later with the help of Google Street View.
Apparently, a Google Street View Van just passed by the area moments before the crime took place. The boy saw it on Street View and went back to the police again. But since Google blurred out all faces on Street View, the Netherlands police have to sent a formal request to Google for the original photo. Google complied, and a robbery squad detective immediately recognized one of the twins.
Unbelievable right? So for all criminals out there, lookout for the Google Street View Van before you commit your crime.
Speaking of Street View, I wonder what is happening to Singapore’s Street View. It’s been more than 8 months since the Google Street View Van was spotted in Singapore.


  1. I really cant wait to see Google street in Singapore 🙂
    It’ll be so nice to see home in 3D.
    Google street is already available for Rome, and the van took a picture of a friend as he went out of his scooter … he was so surprised hahaha.

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