Vote for my friends at OMY Blog Award

I assume that you are voting for me everyday for the SG Blog Awards. If you are not, then maybe you should. (Kidding kidding) But if you are indeed voting for me everyday, here’s a big THANK YOU to you. It is you that keep me in the top 3 for the Most Insightful Blog Category. Since you are voting for me, please also help vote for my friends who are in the top 10.
Best Photography Blog
Keropokman – Keropokman is a great photographer who a beautiful photo everyday. The only photo you won’t see on his blog is a photo of himself.
Best Food Blog
WokkingMum – A stay home mum who updates several blogs at one go. It’s not just a food blog, she teaches you how to prepare the food.
ladyironchef – Met him once during SMB, nice guy. Yes, Lady Iron Chef is a guy.
Best What-The-Hell Blog
Yong Wei – Grow up already. Last year he was in the Youth category. Now inside Best WTH Blog.
I.Z. Reloaded – His blog entries never fails to surprise me.
Best Lifestyle Blog
Sheylara – The Xbox girl. I personally think she should join the Best Modeling Blog Category.
Best Laugh-Out-Loud Blog
krisandro – Not only is his blog funny, he also tweet and plurk funny stuff too.
Most Insightful Blog
Cool Insider – Provides cool insights into the world of branding and marketing.
Shalabh Pandey – Write great insightful articles. And he does podcast too.
Still got more than 1 month before the result is released. Can’t wait man.


  1. Kris: Thanks. I need lots of luck man. Good luck to you too. You must win that Yellow underwear guy hor. 🙂
    Yongwei: Thanks, eeeerrrr…. but NO THANKS hor. -_-”’
    ladyironchef: A lot of people still don’t know about this leh. 😛
    Shalabh: Thx. 🙂

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