The Nokia N97 can play flash

OK, this is one of those gross error that I’ve made while reviewing products. But here is my defense. (A weak one actually)
I was at the N97 blogger’s preview, nobody said anything about it.
I was at the Search for N, nobody said anything about it.
I was at the N97 launch in KL, nobody said anything about it.
I was reading the specs of N97, nobody said anything about it.
I was reading the press release of N97, nobody said anything about it.
NOBODY told me that the N97 web browser can play flash. Nobody. *Do the “Nobody” dance*
OK, lame excuses. Not acceptable.
So when Daniel told me that someone said we made a mistake when I said the N97 can’t play flash, my first response was “Sure or not? Cannot be right?”. Then I took out my N97, load a website with flash and said “See! Cannot load flash what”. Then the miracle happens. The Nokia N97 web browser is actually loading the flash. Slowly, but surely.
And all these while it was loading the flash object. Just that flash takes a little longer to load. So I mistook the “Loading” logo as “Unable to load”. In actual fact, all S60 5th edition devices can play flash.
But I must say this. The performance of flash isn’t that fantastic yet. As we all know, flash takes up lots of processing power. So depending on the object you are loading, the flash experience might vary. I haven’t seen a phone that performs well when processing flash. Not yet.
But who cares! So long as it can play flash.


  1. hey DK,
    Thanks for blogging abt it here.. I have a few queries abt N97 and will be glad if you can answer them :
    1) How to upload SG maps to n97? I have been trying using the nokia maps loader but the the application just displays “Waiting for device” even after 15-20 min
    2) The Facebook and Accuweather widgets were behaving roguely and I accidentally uninstalled them. Now I cannot find them anywhere on the web to download. Factory restore doesnt help either. Is there a way to get these widgets from somwhere?

  2. Have you tried Skyfire? Works with Flash, Java, Quicktime, Silverlight and a few others if I’m not mistaken. How is it compared to Skyfire? Skyfire video frame rate is lower than normal but since they are like Opera Mini’s compression servers, it also allows you to save on data

  3. Blitz: Can’t find anywhere that can let you download the Facebook and Accuweather widget again. Let me check out and get back to you.
    TheWheat: Skyfire isn’t supported on N97 yet.

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