Sony launched new Bravia TV

Sony unveils a series of new Bravia TV in Singapore last month. (Paiseh, forgot to publish this blog entry) Bravia WE5 series, Bravia Z5 series Bravia ZX1 series. I hope I didn’t miss any models here. I spend most of my time looking at the Bravia ZX1 until I didn’t really take note of the rest of the models.
The Bravia WE5 series is integrated with several eco-friendly features that help conserve energy at every possible juncture. For example, the HCFL backlight panel uses 40% less energy when users are watching TV. Yet it doesn’t compromise on the picture quality despite all these energy saving feature.
The Bravia Z5 series is a second generation motionflow 200Hz LCD TV. At 200Hz, the TV produces extremely smooth and crisp images. It’s hard for me to describe the image. And it’s impossible for me to capture them on my camera. You got to see them for yourself.
The best product that day , in my opinion, is the Bravia ZX1. I think the Bravia ZX1 stole the limelight from the remaining Bravia being launched that day. It is the world slimmest 40 inch LCD TV, just 9.9mm. Very stunning. And since it is so thin, there is hardly any space behind for you to plug in your Blueray player or game console connections. Sony solve this problem by creating a high speed wireless connection transmitter capable of real time transmission of HD signal to the ZX1. All your Blueray, DVD and game console are connected to the transmitter which can be tuck away in one corner. This means that other than the power cable, there is no other cables on the ZX1.
Now, if only someone invent a way to transmit power to the ZX1 without cables. That would be great. 🙂
The new Bravia are now available in the stores. Check it out.
Thanks to Deborah from Hill & Knowlton and Sony for the invite.

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