What should you do if a blogger reported a wrong fact about your company?

OK, I always thought this is common sense. But apparently common sense is not that common lately. And school don’t teach common sense. So please excuse me if you find me talking about common sense stuff which most people should know.
What should you do if a blogger reported a wrong fact about your company?
Firstly, bloggers are also human. Just like reporters, they make mistakes too. But the good thing about blogger is that they can easily edit their blog entries when there is an error. So if you discovered that a blogger make a mistake about your company or your company product, the best method is to drop an email to the blogger. Most bloggers will include their email address on their blog. If the blogger did not provide their email address on their blog, then post a comment on the blog article.
NOTE: Always use email whenever possible. Only use the comment section if the blogger did not provide you any form of private communication.
Let the blogger know that you are representing the company and that some of the facts in his/her blog entry are wrong. Provide the correct information about your company and request the blogger to correct the error in the blog article in a nice manner. Provide a point of contact so that the blogger can revert back for clarification. Most reputable bloggers will kindly edit the error.
Optional: Offer to meet up with the blogger face to face over coffee or something to clarify the matter. It is always good to engage the blogger who talk about your company.
Never threaten to sue the blogger. Things can be easily settled if you tone your email in a nice manner. It’s reflect very badly on a company who threaten to sue a blogger for making error. It’s like a big company using lawyer to bully a blogger. Engage the blogger, not threaten. The “lawyer card” should only be the LAST LAST LAST resort when the blogger refused to edit the error even after you have proven it to be erroneous.
And never, I say again, NEVER threaten to sue the blogger before you contact the blogger directly. It only shows that your company have no idea about how new media work. This is very bad PR for your company. Seriously, talk to your PR company if you have one. They should know how to handle new media and resolve this issue. Else I can always recommend you a few PR agencies who are doing a good job with new media engagement.
Yes, Tapas Tree Group, I am referring to you here.
PS: I think I’ll write about how to turn bad publicity from blogger to good publicity soon.


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