HTC Hero Viral Video

This is a awesome viral video for the upcoming HTC Hero.

Yes, I know it’s a little bit the too obvious that its a marketing video for HTC Hero. Here is another video, this time its from the headcam.

If you notice, the guy jump from 1st bus to 2nd bus smoothly without his hands touching the bus in the first video. But on the 2nd video, his hand is touching the bus when he landed. (see 0:36) And there should be 3 people watching the guy jump down from the bus. But from the headcam (At around 0:39), the 3rd person (who should be holding the camera that is filming the 1st video) is clearly missing.
But who cares if they did it in 2 takes. Its still a great video and interesting concept. Can’t wait for HTC Hero to hit the Singapore market.


  1. …they probably did a lot more takes than 2. Also, it’s a “trailer” video, the 3rd “camera” person is not supposed to be there. And since this is clearly from HTC (cause, don’t tell me there is a bus with an HTC Advertisment out there already just passing by accidentally) those people paid good money for this … but still, nice idea…

  2. Jaydee: No news about that. My guess is that it will be available to all 3 Telco in Singapore, just like the HTC Magic.

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