What happened after #bthon?

OK, its been more than 24 hours since the end of Blogathon. Perhaps I should do a quick update on what happen after Blogathon.
As you all should know, the winners for the Blogathon are Nadia and Nicholas. They got to walk away with the new Lenovo U350, $300 TANGS voucher and $250 worth of Kiehl products. Congrats to both of them. Super envy.
So after the results were announced, we went back to our display window to help Sheryo look for her handphone which went missing. We knew it is somewhere inside the display window since nobody would dare to come in and steal it infront of the entire Orchard Road. But we just couldn’t find it and the phone is turned off because of low batt. We finally found it under a pile of tissue paper. Yes, that is how messy the display window is after 24 hours.
After packing up my stuff, I left with my sister who was here to support me and check out the final result. My Brother-in-law came over to fetch her and also send me home. I think I fell asleep on the car within 5 minutes. Bought dinner from the coffee shop near my house. Took a shower and had my dinner in the living room. Then came the amazing thing. Somehow I don’t remember what happen exactly after dinner. I only remember waking up 4 hours later seated on the sofa. Yes, I dozed off straight after dinner. I think Harry Potter on Channel 5 also plays a part in making me fall asleep. (Sorry to all the Harry Potter fans out there) Went straight to bed and woke up at 12 noon. Family went out for lunch at Jurong East but I opted to stay at home and try to recover. My Sister help pack lunch for me.
Spend the afternoon reading the blog entries and comments on Blogathon. I didn’t really have time to read them during the Blogathon itself. Too many things were happening. Also managed to read the tweet that I’ve missed. (Yes, I’m very the slow)
Thanks to everyone for the support. Going to grab my dinner now and will do some blogging later tonight.
Yes, I’m beginning to miss blogging from TANGS display window. It’s really an unique experience for the Obsessive Compulsive Blogger me.


  1. i also concussed for 16 hours straight man… and thanks for helping me look for that phone. it’s quite a typical sheryo situation, i always misplace things la… like i said i was on auto-pilot mode already…

  2. It’s strange how easily we knock out when we watch movies on television sets at home. Just compare it with watching it in the cinemas; almost nobody feels compelled to sleep. Unless, of course, the movie was a total flop.
    .-= pkchukiss´s last blog ..SgBlogging… then and now =-.

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